The Real Reasons People Cheat In Relationships

Cheating can be very detrimental and damaging to any relationship as it can break down the trust, honesty, and respect that both parties have built over time. And though it is important to recognize the warning signs that your man may be cheating on you, like him acting out of character and desperately wanting his … Continue reading The Real Reasons People Cheat In Relationships

10 Sounds You’ll Hear A Guy Make While Having “The S3Xs”

1. Low/ Silent Moans. Because of how "emasculating" it's said to be, men aren’t as vocal as women are during sex. For the shy guys, this is even worse. All you'd get are few low moans in your ear or him sounding like he's breathing out loud when you are giving him love. 2. Melodic … Continue reading 10 Sounds You’ll Hear A Guy Make While Having “The S3Xs”

Quote of the Day #EmotionalMaturity

Today's quote is about Emotional Maturity. It is something that I believe if everyone has, the world will definitely be a much better place.

4 Foods You Can Eat/Not Eat To Help Boost Sperm Count

When it comes to men having infertility problems or low sperm count, the first thing that comes to the old generation is "your village people are chasing you" or "you have offended someone somewhere and they've tied your sperm somewhere." But the truth is, having low sperm count can be caused by a lot of … Continue reading 4 Foods You Can Eat/Not Eat To Help Boost Sperm Count

7 Books You Need To Read If You Want A Happier Relationship

It's no secret that there's no ultimate manual for having a healthy relationship because, in that aspect of human life, there will always be a level of uncertainty on how to tackle (alone or with your lover) whatever problems are thrown at you. With all that uncertainty, coupled with the possibility of finding new things … Continue reading 7 Books You Need To Read If You Want A Happier Relationship

4 Tips To Help You Stop Premature Ejaculation

A lot of guys out there suffer from premature ejaculation. And as one would expect, it can have a detrimental side-effect on the mental health of a man (from having low self-esteem to something as big as swearing off sex totally,) which has ended up causing the untimely end of many relationships and marriages that would … Continue reading 4 Tips To Help You Stop Premature Ejaculation

10 Things You Should Never Do On A First Date

I’m sure you’re very familiar with the saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” This couldn’t be truer when it comes to first dates. And though the excitement, anxiety and emotional imbalance can cause changes in your personality – which may seem off to your date, – there are some … Continue reading 10 Things You Should Never Do On A First Date

13 Weird Sex Facts That Will Make You Say “What!!”

Old people have A LOT OF SEX You don’t believe me? You want proof? Well, the elderly are currently experiencing the biggest spike in sexually transmitted infections among all age groups. Three-quarters of 70-year-old men are still able to impregnate a woman. Obviously, you already knew that, but, did you know that nearly a third … Continue reading 13 Weird Sex Facts That Will Make You Say “What!!”

8 “Secrets” Women Wish Men Knew

It’s no secret that trying to understand the female species leaves one with more questions than answers. Even with the many resources at our disposal – magazines, research articles and the ever expanding internet - since the dawn of time, man has and will probably forever be bewildered and confused when it comes to solving … Continue reading 8 “Secrets” Women Wish Men Knew

10 Things Guys Find Unattractive & Are Really Huge Turn Offs

While you may be doing everything you, your favourite magazine, and BFFs feel is “right” to attract the opposite sex, it may shock you to know that some of the things you do actually have the opposite effect. Instead of the guys to be running to you, your actions have them running for the hills.To … Continue reading 10 Things Guys Find Unattractive & Are Really Huge Turn Offs

Question of the Day #Love

What does it mean to be "in love"?

Really, Does He Exist?

Okay, no discrimination intended but this is for my sisters, every female out there...the brothers can pitch in too, though.😏 So, we all want to find our Mr...and Miss perfect but the society convinces us no such thing exists, then we settle for less, get heartbroken and wham! We're back to triangle  1----searching for love! … Continue reading Really, Does He Exist?

Romance is sexual.


Boxer astutely notes (emphasis mine):

Some of you guys are assuming something salacious in these inappropriate father-daughter relationships, but it’s not necessary for the father and daughter to have physical sex. The problem is actually fairly well understood (Freud and Jung both wrote article after article about this stuff).

A man who is closed off from psychological feelings of intimacy by his wife will often transfer some of his libidinal energies to his daughter. In doing so he gets to transcend a feeling of shame or failure in his loveless marriage. The daughter, too, gets something out of it. She gets to regress into a more infantile state, letting daddy take care of her emotional needs, rather than learning to take care of herself and pass into adulthood.

If you’re wondering why you meet grown women who haven’t progressed beyond the emotional age of 13, well, this might be a…

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There are a lot of jokes about in-laws, but I’ve never needed the humor because I married into the absolute best family ever.

For an only child from the Northeast to marry a young man from Kansas who had eight living siblings was a dream come true. My mother and father-in-law were both the absolute best. They were role models on how there was always plenty of love and understanding to go around.

We’ve been married a long time, have outlived my in-laws, one brother and one sister in-law, and the rest of us are all getting up there in years. That happens if you are lucky enough to live a long life. 🙂

This year one of my brothers-in-law fought successful battles with both open-heart surgery and bladder cancer. It wasn’t an easy fight, the moving forward has been a challenge, but he’s with us and his quality of life is good.


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Healthy Relationships


Heathly relationships are probably one of the most important things you need in life. A healthy relationship is simply having a friend who accepts you, loves you for who you are, and along the way encourages you in every aspect of your life.

“Growing up, I never really had a friend who I could be open and honest with. Through Celebration, I was able to find friends who encourages me through everything I do. Having a healthy relationship has made it easier to walk through this journey called life knowing that I have people who I can always depend on no matter what. My mom helps me with my emotional feelings about school, sports, and spiritually. If I didn’t have a healthy relationship with her, then things could’ve got real twisted. My dad helps me with organization, responsibility, and confidence. I believe that it is also very important to have…

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