Meeting deadlines

5 Great Ways To Always Meet Deadlines

This is one area that many people have problems with. A lot of people have lost contracts, been demoted, or even lost their jobs because they repeatedly failed to meet their deadlines as this might end up costing the company a lot more than they bargained for. You can be the most hardworking employee in … Continue reading 5 Great Ways To Always Meet Deadlines

Quote of the Day #MotivationMonday 

Never give up! Keep on going. You have what it takes to succeed 

5 Sure-fire Ways To Keep Your Mind Active

In this tasking world where there are so many things to do in so little time. From the moment we get up from bed in the morning, the thought of the many activities, work, and goals we have to achieve for that day, no doubt strains the mind. Adding the stress that comes with working … Continue reading 5 Sure-fire Ways To Keep Your Mind Active

7 Things Every Guy Must Do Before Turning 30

We can all agree that thirty is an age a lot of young adults don't like looking forward to. Not in terms of wanting to die, but just because 30 - in terms of age - signifies the end of being a youth/young adult ana marks the beginning of being a fully-fledged adult. The reality of … Continue reading 7 Things Every Guy Must Do Before Turning 30

PABLO AYODEJI IS MY GUY!… The Art of Duplication

Hey guys!! It’s been a while I know and I am deeply sorry once again for just disappearing like I did. No excuses though but trust me when I say something big is cooking!! And I am super excited about even the thought of it! So many things have happened since I last dropped post. … Continue reading PABLO AYODEJI IS MY GUY!… The Art of Duplication

Turbocharging Your Career This Year With Products You Own

If you are like most business professionals, chances are that you bought many books, tools and resources that you haven’t yet used. I can see you nodding your head, saying, “Yes.” I am nodding my head right along with you. When you think about it for a second, you realize that you had a very … Continue reading Turbocharging Your Career This Year With Products You Own


Positivity Now

The hardest thing for us to do as human beings is wait. Rather its waiting on a job to call you back, waiting in line at a amusement park, waiting on someone to pop the question, or waiting for things to just be okay. In the midst of waiting it seems nothing is happening or?

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Godly Motivation to Work

What motivates you to do what you do? The world says the reason we work is only to acquire things. Is that all there is? In the first chapter of Ecclesiastes, we will discover that such thinking is meaningless. via Godly Motivation To Work — Call to Witness


Hello guys! First of all, I want to apologize for going on sabbatical on you guys, it wasn’t intended and of course I had to ensure that I got back as soon as possible. Thanks for accepting my apology. While I was absent on here for the last two weeks, I had done some much … Continue reading HOW I PASSED JAMB

Question of the day #Success

How do you define success? When, to you, will you call yourself a success in this life?

Quote of the day

If you want to lead an extraordinary life, find out what ordinary people do --------- and don't do it.

Hol’ Up!!!

Ain't Time a mystery? Why complicate Life by waiting on Time? To do that which you ought, Time is needless.


“He who is not everyday conquering some fear has not learned the secret of life.”     -Ralph Waldo Emerson Hey, guys, I apologise sincerely for my inconsistency in dropping my posts. I hope I am forgiven o. It is rare to find that a goal is all roses. Like I said earlier in my previous posts, … Continue reading FEAR OF SUCCESS PART 3


Hello, people! So apparently nobody claimed my prize last week, I mean nobody even attempted to participate in the first place oops! It’s either you are claiming not to have a story or you just didn’t believe there would be a prize indeed or better still since the prize wasn’t named you just didn’t find … Continue reading THE ABANDONED PRIZE

Question of the Day

Would you rather earn 1 million per month working under a boss from 8 am to 6 pm every day of the week, Or, Earn 30k daily working from 10 am to 3 pm from the comfort of your house?