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The Cheating Game: Who Does It Better?

Cheating in relationships: who does it better? You know, the myth and the expected/obvious answer to the question is that the "men" are the better cheaters. I mean, isn't that like 85% of the reason the men are scum movement is an ever trending topic and is one of the most widely accepted/heavily involved movements … Continue reading The Cheating Game: Who Does It Better?

Medieval Bias

I love watching movies and series set in medieval times. For some strange reason, it brings something out of me and always has me wishing I lived during that periods (as a free man, of course). TV shows like Game of Thrones, Reign, Spartacus, etc. and movies like Lord of the rings, etc., basically anything … Continue reading Medieval Bias

Homo Sapiens: The Walking & Thinking Labels and Tags

Some time ago, I went to the supermarket to get some provisions and to get jam for a friend I lost a bet to. As you would expect, the supermarket had the prices of each product either slapped on it or on the shelf where the products were placed. And this got me thinking, what … Continue reading Homo Sapiens: The Walking & Thinking Labels and Tags

What Is Your Reality? A Chanced Encounter!

Over the weekend which was also Children's day, I volunteered for a "Feed A Child On the Street" charity event organised by Dellaz Foundation. It was really cool, fun, and very fulfilling. While serving the food which had already been pre-packed to feed the children who wrote down their names with the community head, other … Continue reading What Is Your Reality? A Chanced Encounter!

Enter Brains, Exit Vanity: The Smilecoms Example

One of the most astounding and interesting things about life is the phenomenon of change, the slow or fast transformation of a phenomenon from one form to another or into an entirely different thing by the means of one cause or another. With change also comes a variety of properties and characteristics that need to … Continue reading Enter Brains, Exit Vanity: The Smilecoms Example

The Existence of “Our People” {Is “Unity in Humanity” A Myth?}

Do you think there was ever a time when humanity was united? A time when the colour of our skin, race, tribe and all that divides us now, didn’t matter? Recently, I was having a discussion about international politics with a friend (that for the life of me doesn’t want to admit that she is … Continue reading The Existence of “Our People” {Is “Unity in Humanity” A Myth?}

Anthony Joshua’s Success and the Delusions of Being Nigerian

There’s nothing sweeter than seeing one of your own shine, get famous and conquer, especially when the said person achieves such a feat in a foreign land. The likes of Kelechi Iheanacho in Manchester City who currently has the best goal per minute ratio ever in the English Premier League; Kano Nwankwo who is among … Continue reading Anthony Joshua’s Success and the Delusions of Being Nigerian

My Near-birth Experience

My God! Who the heck is Dan Brown?! Okay that’s him. But that guy is amazing!!! I just finished reading “The Lost Symbol” and Green Peeeeaaaassss! It was awesoooommmeee!!! Unputdownable! Ungoandweeweeandcomebacktocontinuereadingable! Ungoandsleepandcontinuereadinginthemorningable! Glorious! Fireworks! Spark! Spark! Spark! I know! So many exclamations but it’s Dan Brown! His mind! My word! I just want to make … Continue reading My Near-birth Experience

How Life Should Be, According To The Game Of Chess!

You know how anytime you get stuck in traffic, you start thinking of what to do to pass the time. I usually do one of four things; read a book/scroll through Quora, check my social media, listen to music, or play a game. Since my earphones got spoilt and I wasn’t in the book mood, … Continue reading How Life Should Be, According To The Game Of Chess!

BIG BROTHER NAIJA: Now That The Scales Are Off

Don’t be scared of what will come out next. I am not a killjoy and will not criticise anything or anybody. As a matter of fact, I want to begin by congratulating Efe Ejeba, the Warri-born artiste whose life has taken a drastic positive turn like the Biblical Jabez. He is now healthier and richer … Continue reading BIG BROTHER NAIJA: Now That The Scales Are Off

Really, Does He Exist?

Okay, no discrimination intended but this is for my sisters, every female out there...the brothers can pitch in too, though.😏 So, we all want to find our Mr...and Miss perfect but the society convinces us no such thing exists, then we settle for less, get heartbroken and wham! We're back to triangle  1----searching for love! … Continue reading Really, Does He Exist?

Would You Still Please God?

Good morning o, my people! So, I woke up this morning to a broadcast message supposedly from a renowned pastor who had seen a Revelation. A revelation that elucidated how close "rapture" is and how the unpalatable, abhorrent, repulsive, horrendous, and hellish hell is. The objective of the write up as I had read it, … Continue reading Would You Still Please God?

The Bias of the Obvious in Philosophy

Mental Queries

Philosophers often struggle and strive to create logical arguments to get at the truth of a particular subject or so the claim is. In philosophy classes, students are bombarded with various forms of logical deductive and inductive arguments, so that they know what qualifies as a genuine argument. The students are trained to avoid logical fallacies, and they write many a paper, where they will lose many a grade point if they fail to make a logical argument and avoid these fallacies. Still, doing real philosophy is not this simple. I would argue, that philosophers are often “biased”.

This is not to say that philosophers aren’t, for the most part, making logical arguments. The problem is that even a logical argument can potentially be wrong, if new information arises. For example look at this argument:

  1. All white bears are polar bears
  2. X is a bear
  3. X is white
  4. Thus, X…

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Bubba’s Philosophy of Fictional Conflict

Ubiquitous Bubba's Blog

According to legend, there is a small speck floating alone in a vast, empty forgotten stretch of the universe that has not experienced conflict. Unless you happen to be this miniscule particle (and I think the likelihood is low), conflict is a part of your identity. If, by some freakish chance, you are that tiny speck, you just ruined a perfectly good setup. I hope you’re happy with yourself.

Anyway, people have created a number of different techniques to handling, resolving, avoiding, causing, and denying conflict. In the real world, there are several ways to deal with it. Fiction, however, is not the real world.

Here’s the issue. For many years, authors, editors, publishers, and university professors who have never held a real job have developed a set a rules for each other that govern the ways in which a story may be told. Those who follow the rules are…

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Access Infinite Intelligence

Positivity Now

Each and every single person on earth have immediate access to an infinite intelligence that transcends everything in this world and that there is available to us 24/7.
This is not a thought based neither a linear logic type of intelligence, we are talking about something far greater then all of the best human thinkers minds combined.
We are talking about Infinity

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