3 Tips To Note When Wearing Coloured Socks

Hi guysss! TGIF I had a really long week and I'm ecstatic about the weekend. Whooosh So today, my focus will be on guys. Whoop whoop. Ideally, they say your socks should match your shoes or trousers but abeg who has that time? Plus that's like extremely boring. Rme! Coloured socks for guys are like … Continue reading 3 Tips To Note When Wearing Coloured Socks

Okrika : yay or nay?

Hi, beautiful people! It's Rrrr on the beat. You know how we do *wink Today I have decided to talk about something wey dey heavy for mouth.  The reason be say we dey do this thing but we no gree accept say we dey do am especially dem big girls and boys.  OKRIKRA ! ! … Continue reading Okrika : yay or nay?

Rain Rain, Go Away! 6 Essentials To Have This Season

Hello, guys! It's Rhoniki and I'm back with an awesome post. *drumroll Sooo,  harmattan is over. One kind of hellish heat now took over and to make matters worse, our dear PHCN refuses to give us the power to use AC or fan. Sad life tbh! But something incredible happened: it rained yesterday and it … Continue reading Rain Rain, Go Away! 6 Essentials To Have This Season

Casuals for guys II

Hi, lovelies! TGIF!!!  Ugh! It's so amazing to know that there's no work for the next two days. *dances awilo* Last week I started a series: casuals for guys and I majored on the "corporate casual". Today I'd move on to the next group which is: " Super casual". The name is ridiculous, right? Lol … Continue reading Casuals for guys II

Casuals for guys

Aloha! Friyay on the beattttt! I'm so happy because I had a really long week. I hope you are too! 😄 I know I have been biased with my posts, just a little, though! So I have decided to reach out to guys out there by doing a short series on "The guy casuals". There … Continue reading Casuals for guys

Ladies, 5 types of bags you must have!

Happy Friday! It's a wonderful day today because God made it and Queen Bey is pregnant with twins.. ah, I can't keep calm haha. Lol, I actually can or can I?  Hmm This week, I'm here to talk about bags, bags, bags. It's a very important and functional part of our dressing. I have listed … Continue reading Ladies, 5 types of bags you must have!

Choosing The Right Underwear

Hi, beautiful people!!! I sincerely apologise for being MIA last week. Forgive me 😭. I've missed you guys. Hmm, so today I have chosen to talk about something we seldom talk about and why we don't is unknown to me. Some people feel it's embarrassing or personal; but if we don't talk about it, how … Continue reading Choosing The Right Underwear

Back-to-work Fashion

Hello, beautiful people!!! It's a new year that's looking so good and full of wonderful promises. People always have "new year resolutions" to be better people or to pick up a new hobby amongst other things all for the same purpose: to make you a better person. But people almost never remember to change things … Continue reading Back-to-work Fashion

Outfit Inspiration For Christmas

Ho Ho Ho! Tis the season to be jolly. 😄😄😄. Christmas is my favourite time of the year because regardless of how the year had been, people always seem to be in high spirits; hopeful for a Christmas miracle or just grateful to be around family and friends. The yuletide season is one that has … Continue reading Outfit Inspiration For Christmas

Interesting facts about kimonos

Hi, lovies! It's Fri-yay! It's time to lay back, relax, recuperate from the stress of the week and surf through Sapid Sapiens blog. Phew! Today I will be talking about the fashion piece:  the kimono. Here are some fun facts about it that I bet you didn't know 😹😹 1. It was originated from China … Continue reading Interesting facts about kimonos

4 Fashion Comebacks

Hi lovers! It’s Fri-yay. You know what that means: #FashionFridays. Today we are going all the way back to the 90s. All my 90s kids say ‘uhun’ 😂 Fashion is a huge roller coaster that's just keeps on spinning. People say there’s really never anything “new” per se in fashion, and I totally agree. Any … Continue reading 4 Fashion Comebacks

Fashion For The Recession

nothing is obsolete in this recession. Turn your old clothes into trendy fashion.

5 wardrobe must haves for harmattan

Hola! Welcome to the long-awaited SapidSapiens blog. Yes, I know you’re like “say what”. But it’s actually a super cool name so hold it. lol! My name is Ronke, and I love love Fashion. So I will be handling the fashion category of this amazing blog. I’m fun, dynamic and incredibly silly. What a combo … Continue reading 5 wardrobe must haves for harmattan