Diary of an Insomniac (Entry 1)

Its 3 am in the morning and my new best friend – insomnia, is listening to me go on and on about life, my current state and of how things are with me. The only other person that truly knows what’s going on with me, and the Almighty God. So many questions about my life … Continue reading Diary of an Insomniac (Entry 1)

Contrast – Four Coloured Girls

Photo Credit: André Henrique Matta A girl whose beauty lies deep within her, but doesn’t have the courage to bring it out. A girl who hides away from society because she can’t fit into the size zero underwear. A girl who goes through mental torture, trying everything possible to make sure she is the right size … Continue reading Contrast – Four Coloured Girls

What Is Your Reality? A Chanced Encounter!

Over the weekend which was also Children's day, I volunteered for a "Feed A Child On the Street" charity event organised by Dellaz Foundation. It was really cool, fun, and very fulfilling. While serving the food which had already been pre-packed to feed the children who wrote down their names with the community head, other … Continue reading What Is Your Reality? A Chanced Encounter!

Really, Does He Exist?

Okay, no discrimination intended but this is for my sisters, every female out there...the brothers can pitch in too, though.😏 So, we all want to find our Mr...and Miss perfect but the society convinces us no such thing exists, then we settle for less, get heartbroken and wham! We're back to triangle  1----searching for love! … Continue reading Really, Does He Exist?

Diary of the Unloved (Entry 1)

No! It isn’t meant to end like this. I am not meant to die this way. I haven’t lived, neither have I been loved, even though I loved. Ah! Yes, I loved with everything I had! I gave my heart out to them all, only to have it stepped on repeatedly. But my heart still … Continue reading Diary of the Unloved (Entry 1)

Hol’ Up!!!

Ain't Time a mystery? Why complicate Life by waiting on Time? To do that which you ought, Time is needless.

Three Blind Mice

I’m walking to work, my fat self is already sweating and all the war-paint on my ugly face is dripping on my cheap shirt. I’m walking as fast as I can, not because I’m late, but because I’ve got to get away from the eyes. Always staring, always judging, always laughing. I’m itchy under my … Continue reading Three Blind Mice

Short notes on Chigozie Obioma’s “The Fishermen”

What first drew me to Chigozie Obioma’s “The Fishermen” was its setting; Akure, my town of birth and residence. Starting the book revealed that it was not only set in Akure, but also sub-set in Araromi; where we moved to in 1996. I was in familiar terrain. I found myself using our bungalow in the … Continue reading Short notes on Chigozie Obioma’s “The Fishermen”


Hi guys!! Its Ikezy and I am back! Sorry I wasn’t able to drop a post on Monday which has kind of been my weekly routine, I was a bit under the weather during the weekend and even though it’s not an excuse but excuuuuse me (lol) we all get to rest once in a … Continue reading I NEED 10 MILLION DOLLARS

Diary Of The Insanely Sane (Entry 1)

Just look at her, in her white overalls, thinking she is an angel and acting like she is my saviour. Thinking about it just pisses me off. Every day, it’s always the same routine, wake up, dwell in my mind, try to escape this illusion, fail, and then go back to sleep. Who is she … Continue reading Diary Of The Insanely Sane (Entry 1)