​There she was crying in the darkness, Bounded by chains, drowning in her tears, In a prison of her own doing, The repercussions of her damaging actions, Pale, scared, half-dead, wishing for it all to end. He rode on his horse to save her, Fought to break her chains and set her free, But it … Continue reading Flames

The Rains

Karma’s Revenge

 Tick-tock, goes the clock Time, they say, waits for no man But like a groom on the altar awaits his wife So does woe, those who doth sow strife.   Cluck-cluck, goes the Cock Another day to wallow, or a new day to work One man rises where another man falls Does time and chance … Continue reading Karma’s Revenge


Tender in age, rigid in wisdom and stature She renders in haste comfort and affection Egghead innate, needs no school to pasture Triumphant she'd be with more vision and revelation. A lil' poem I write you to tease and appease With warmest regards I seek you to please Elated, delighted, oh joy! It's her birthday! … Continue reading Awele

Procession On A Good Friday

I remember seeing you that day, I watched you laughing as my flesh was torn away in my great tribulation, my dripping blood and disfigured body brought no sympathy from you, instead, your hands met each other in joyful applause while your heart lept in drunken jubilations. I remember the feel of your spit on … Continue reading Procession On A Good Friday

To The Best Mother Heaven Could Offer

It sure would take more than mother's day to celebrate you Without you, just how much could I do? I celebrate you every day of my life Blessed indeed is the man who took you for a wife! What better motherhood is there, Than a woman whose heart is full of love so dear She's … Continue reading To The Best Mother Heaven Could Offer

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:: Will.


I heard that it was said That though weeping stayed all night Joy would come in the morning So I waited Apparently Joy came a little later And we stayed up all night We found Love under the sheets In the secrecy of the dark I found Pleasure in the soothing warmth of her bosom … Continue reading Joy


I remember that night, lying in bed, all covered up You came to me naked, singing in my ear and then you kissed my skin, Hickeys and songs, dancing and more hickeys, Had me turning in bed, saying things I shouldn’t have been saying. I tried to hold you, but you weren’t having none of … Continue reading Fever

For Love’s Sake

Happy Valentine's day fam! It's GEORGiE. Yeah, I know  today isn't the day for poems but c'mon! It's Valentine's day! There will probably be more poems composed today all around the world than any other day, sooo why not just drop my own, ehn?! Thainkyu for understanding. I hope you enjoy this short piece and … Continue reading For Love’s Sake

Hol’ Up!!!

Ain't Time a mystery? Why complicate Life by waiting on Time? To do that which you ought, Time is needless.

Sighs From Deep Within

It’s getting better, but it is much more painful The colour is brighter, but it is way more hurtful, It’s filling out, but it still appears deep It is healing but I still can’t leap, It is drying up but it still dribbles It tears me apart and makes my faith feeble, Hmmm... There comes … Continue reading Sighs From Deep Within

Frozen Heart

There were tales that said her heart was taken And the irony and reality was that it left her cold instead of warm Freezing every approach from suitors Building ice castles to prevent the ones Making herself separate from the world of love And like a knight I journeyed to her castle Fought mythical creatures … Continue reading Frozen Heart

Ode to the Darkness

I see a face in the dark A form in the shadows A promise of life from death's cold room - the grave A hope that honour will come to those scarred by unseen battles - the brave And so births this Ode to the darkness If not for your cape that covers the earth; … Continue reading Ode to the Darkness