Torment II

It seems the period of success and peace is a fertile soil for the germination of seeds of loneliness It's the calm that brings the storm And slowly I yearn for that elusive company for the rainy nights I indulge in temporary watering of my seeds but it's not a long term or an ideal … Continue reading Torment II

You are worth loving

Don’t come close… I’m covered in thorns, she said. I ignored and tried to hug her and found my self bleeding, trying to put my arms around her. Don’t! she said. And I struggled to wrap my arms around her. Each spine of thorn piercing through me, breaking my bones and bursting out of my … Continue reading You are worth loving


Was it worth it? I ask myself as I stand on a cliff, watching the waters, listening to the waves whispering my name, telling me about about peace in an end. I search deeply for a reason to stay. Looking to the sky for a sign for a better day. Having flashbacks of battles fought, … Continue reading Goodnight


​There she was crying in the darkness, Bounded by chains, drowning in her tears, In a prison of her own doing, The repercussions of her damaging actions, Pale, scared, half-dead, wishing for it all to end. He rode on his horse to save her, Fought to break her chains and set her free, But it … Continue reading Flames

Contrast – Four Coloured Girls

Photo Credit: André Henrique Matta A girl whose beauty lies deep within her, but doesn’t have the courage to bring it out. A girl who hides away from society because she can’t fit into the size zero underwear. A girl who goes through mental torture, trying everything possible to make sure she is the right size … Continue reading Contrast – Four Coloured Girls

His Tears

I saw a video, a terrible video that my heart aches and hurts, I have sweaty palms and I am really scared. So a man drives into the bank premises wanting to deposit his money, his hard earned money. He probably has giving up a lot more than necessary to make as much as that … Continue reading His Tears

The Rains

At The Riverbank

The early morning sky was as dark as the night that had just passed, painted with heavy clouds. The freezing air was clouded  with dust and dry leaves as the wind blew them like a hurricane. Bimbo braved the eerie weather and ran to the stream a couple of miles away to fetch the water … Continue reading At The Riverbank

Karma’s Revenge

 Tick-tock, goes the clock Time, they say, waits for no man But like a groom on the altar awaits his wife So does woe, those who doth sow strife.   Cluck-cluck, goes the Cock Another day to wallow, or a new day to work One man rises where another man falls Does time and chance … Continue reading Karma’s Revenge


Tender in age, rigid in wisdom and stature She renders in haste comfort and affection Egghead innate, needs no school to pasture Triumphant she'd be with more vision and revelation. A lil' poem I write you to tease and appease With warmest regards I seek you to please Elated, delighted, oh joy! It's her birthday! … Continue reading Awele

Cravings…. Addiction…. Pleasure!

All I want right now is you. All I can think of is how I’m going to have my fill of you when you are finally in my arms. I always look forward to our meetings and now I'm waiting patiently while you prepare yourself for me in the other room. Even though you are … Continue reading Cravings…. Addiction…. Pleasure!

Addicted (II)

‘A-a, Baba-o, wetin I do now?’ Baba-o went ahead to regale us of the drama that had played out the previous evening, when, as one of the spectators of our training session, he was leaving through the remaining entrance when he was accosted by a certain woman. Make no mistake; it was as if Baba-o … Continue reading Addicted (II)

Addicted (I)

‘Ike! Ike!’ The ball rolled to my feet at average speed, and with high prospects, I expertly controlled it to a stop. I looked up and there was Obi, the burly central defender, charging at me, trying to decipher my next move with the ball. His breath came in short sharp gasps and could be … Continue reading Addicted (I)

Procession On A Good Friday

I remember seeing you that day, I watched you laughing as my flesh was torn away in my great tribulation, my dripping blood and disfigured body brought no sympathy from you, instead, your hands met each other in joyful applause while your heart lept in drunken jubilations. I remember the feel of your spit on … Continue reading Procession On A Good Friday

To The Best Mother Heaven Could Offer

It sure would take more than mother's day to celebrate you Without you, just how much could I do? I celebrate you every day of my life Blessed indeed is the man who took you for a wife! What better motherhood is there, Than a woman whose heart is full of love so dear She's … Continue reading To The Best Mother Heaven Could Offer