You are worth loving

Don’t come close… I’m covered in thorns, she said. I ignored and tried to hug her and found my self bleeding, trying to put my arms around her. Don’t! she said. And I struggled to wrap my arms around her. Each spine of thorn piercing through me, breaking my bones and bursting out of my … Continue reading You are worth loving


Was it worth it? I ask myself as I stand on a cliff, watching the waters, listening to the waves whispering my name, telling me about about peace in an end. I search deeply for a reason to stay. Looking to the sky for a sign for a better day. Having flashbacks of battles fought, … Continue reading Goodnight

Frozen Heart

There were tales that said her heart was taken And the irony and reality was that it left her cold instead of warm Freezing every approach from suitors Building ice castles to prevent the ones Making herself separate from the world of love And like a knight I journeyed to her castle Fought mythical creatures … Continue reading Frozen Heart

Poem: What’s is and what was, wasn’t

Peace The beginning of a lifetime of joy Bounded by vows of I do Waking up each day to something new Enjoying every moment Making it last for great memories Staring deeply Knowing that what is and what has been, will always be I find myself being consumed by every hug And every stroke of … Continue reading Poem: What’s is and what was, wasn’t

Poem: Where are you?

  Where are you? Tell me you hear me Show me your location And let's fast forward to that beautiful occasion Relieving destiny of her duty Merging as one As we obstruct the balance of molecules in the universe Taking our ordained position in this world Listening to only our words Losing touch with everything … Continue reading Poem: Where are you?

Enjoying your relationship as a man; The little things.

Take some minutes to think about your girl. She is a blessing to you in many ways and can even be more if you take the time and patience to know her and fall in love with everything that has to do with her. This is more than calling her every day, buying gifts or … Continue reading Enjoying your relationship as a man; The little things.

Scars that bleed

It's sad watching myself change My heart which was once warm and welcoming Has become cold and displeasing I feel pain as my heart fails to pump desires due to scars and cuts it has acquired Even plasters meant to hold slip off when my heart pumps faster when tempted by a desire I cry … Continue reading Scars that bleed