Medieval Bias

I love watching movies and series set in medieval times. For some strange reason, it brings something out of me and always has me wishing I lived during that periods (as a free man, of course). TV shows like Game of Thrones, Reign, Spartacus, etc. and movies like Lord of the rings, etc., basically anything … Continue reading Medieval Bias


​There she was crying in the darkness, Bounded by chains, drowning in her tears, In a prison of her own doing, The repercussions of her damaging actions, Pale, scared, half-dead, wishing for it all to end. He rode on his horse to save her, Fought to break her chains and set her free, But it … Continue reading Flames

Homo Sapiens: The Walking & Thinking Labels and Tags

Some time ago, I went to the supermarket to get some provisions and to get jam for a friend I lost a bet to. As you would expect, the supermarket had the prices of each product either slapped on it or on the shelf where the products were placed. And this got me thinking, what … Continue reading Homo Sapiens: The Walking & Thinking Labels and Tags

Diary of an Insomniac (Entry 1)

Its 3 am in the morning and my new best friend – insomnia, is listening to me go on and on about life, my current state and of how things are with me. The only other person that truly knows what’s going on with me, and the Almighty God. So many questions about my life … Continue reading Diary of an Insomniac (Entry 1)

Contrast – Four Coloured Girls

Photo Credit: André Henrique Matta A girl whose beauty lies deep within her, but doesn’t have the courage to bring it out. A girl who hides away from society because she can’t fit into the size zero underwear. A girl who goes through mental torture, trying everything possible to make sure she is the right size … Continue reading Contrast – Four Coloured Girls

The Rains

At The Riverbank

The early morning sky was as dark as the night that had just passed, painted with heavy clouds. The freezing air was clouded  with dust and dry leaves as the wind blew them like a hurricane. Bimbo braved the eerie weather and ran to the stream a couple of miles away to fetch the water … Continue reading At The Riverbank

What Is Your Reality? A Chanced Encounter!

Over the weekend which was also Children's day, I volunteered for a "Feed A Child On the Street" charity event organised by Dellaz Foundation. It was really cool, fun, and very fulfilling. While serving the food which had already been pre-packed to feed the children who wrote down their names with the community head, other … Continue reading What Is Your Reality? A Chanced Encounter!

The Existence of “Our People” {Is “Unity in Humanity” A Myth?}

Do you think there was ever a time when humanity was united? A time when the colour of our skin, race, tribe and all that divides us now, didn’t matter? Recently, I was having a discussion about international politics with a friend (that for the life of me doesn’t want to admit that she is … Continue reading The Existence of “Our People” {Is “Unity in Humanity” A Myth?}

Cravings…. Addiction…. Pleasure!

All I want right now is you. All I can think of is how I’m going to have my fill of you when you are finally in my arms. I always look forward to our meetings and now I'm waiting patiently while you prepare yourself for me in the other room. Even though you are … Continue reading Cravings…. Addiction…. Pleasure!

How Life Should Be, According To The Game Of Chess!

You know how anytime you get stuck in traffic, you start thinking of what to do to pass the time. I usually do one of four things; read a book/scroll through Quora, check my social media, listen to music, or play a game. Since my earphones got spoilt and I wasn’t in the book mood, … Continue reading How Life Should Be, According To The Game Of Chess!

Procession On A Good Friday

I remember seeing you that day, I watched you laughing as my flesh was torn away in my great tribulation, my dripping blood and disfigured body brought no sympathy from you, instead, your hands met each other in joyful applause while your heart lept in drunken jubilations. I remember the feel of your spit on … Continue reading Procession On A Good Friday

3 Reasons Arsene Wenger Should Stay On As Arsenal’s Manager

Undoubtedly Arsenal's most successful manager, having won a record six FA Cups, three Premier Leagues, and six Community Shields, Arsene Wenger stands tall as one of the oldest managers in European club football who has delivered results constantly. The Professor, as he is commonly known, was the pioneer of the well adapted Tiki-Taka/possession football. The … Continue reading 3 Reasons Arsene Wenger Should Stay On As Arsenal’s Manager

Through The Sands Of Time

6:30 am *Alarm rings* He gets up from his bed and kneels down to pray to God, thanking the almighty for another day. Asking for his mercies and favours for the day. 6:45 am He hops into the shower, singing his favourite and Grammy award-winning song. Yes! Another wonderful live performance for his cheering fans … Continue reading Through The Sands Of Time

The Other Guy

“What will you have today, Young Sir?” the waitress asked while pouring hot coffee into his mug. “The usual.” He replied, not looking at her but looking instead at the other guy. The other guy, too, was staring at him intensely. They didn’t know each other, yet the contest had been on for weeks now, … Continue reading The Other Guy