Torment II

It seems the period of success and peace is a fertile soil for the germination of seeds of loneliness It's the calm that brings the storm And slowly I yearn for that elusive company for the rainy nights I indulge in temporary watering of my seeds but it's not a long term or an ideal … Continue reading Torment II

What is human life? (part 2 of the Questions of Life series)

What is human life? Easy question isn't it. Should this even be a question? Now you're wondering what this article is trying to achieve. Well, currently, the concept of human life is hardly in doubt. But let me take you into the future. We all know how prostheses have improved the quality of life of … Continue reading What is human life? (part 2 of the Questions of Life series)

When does human life begin? (Part 1)

A very controversial topic it is. For the purpose of this discussion let us state the basic definition of life as the ability to eat, grow, reproduce, excrete, move, and react to the external environment. So when does human life begin? Many answers would be - when a child is born. Yes, when a child … Continue reading When does human life begin? (Part 1)

Why Tottenham lost to Liverpool (11/02/2017)

Liverpool started with a fluid attacking 4-3-3, and a surprising Matip-Lucas centre-back partnership, while Tottenham played a compact 4-2-3-1. Tottenham played with a high defensive line and were compact as usual. A risky move considering the pace of Liverpool attackers. A high line requires persistent pressing from the forwards, which Barcelona perfected in the Guardiola … Continue reading Why Tottenham lost to Liverpool (11/02/2017)

Transhumanism (H+)

Humans (Homo sapiens) are the dominant organisms on land. We rule all the continents, we have conquered and can control all known animals and plants. We are the peak as far as life on Earth is concerned, or so we think. Humans have many limitations. Our hearing starts depreciating during our 20s, eyesight by 40s. … Continue reading Transhumanism (H+)

​How to know if it would lead to a long-term relationship

Companionship is one of the basic human needs. Consciously or subconsciously, we all seek out companions, people with whom we can bond with, and feel loved by. Also in recent times, we find ourselves engaged in undefined interactions, interactions not strong enough to be called a relationship yet more solid than the usual friendships, some … Continue reading ​How to know if it would lead to a long-term relationship

Deciphering our future from the past [1]

All living organisms, from unicellular organisms to multicellular organisms have similar templates responsible for their being which is the genetic code. And over time life has evolved from unicellular to multicellular, and peaked [as far as we know] at us, humans. I will define life grossly as being able to move, eat, react to external … Continue reading Deciphering our future from the past [1]

Our Significance [1]

It's that date of the year, your birthday. You feel elated and expect gifts and love from family, friends, and colleagues. You perceive all their actions as relative to you. It's your day.  But is it really your day? As the most advanced and intelligent life form, it is inevitable that arrogance follows it. We believe … Continue reading Our Significance [1]

​What does it mean to love [1]

To love is to show your scars And tell stories of animals that attacked Only for them to make their own marks. To love is to forgive and renew Even though you feel like a fool Then they leave and you can never say “I trust you”. To love is to procreate Sow seeds into … Continue reading ​What does it mean to love [1]

Lifestyle modification in hypertension 

Hypertension is a non-communicable disease affecting many adults worldwide. It is defined as a blood pressure reading of greater than 140/90mmHg. It is controlled by drugs and lifestyle modifications. Diet, exercise, social habits all affect it. A hypertensive patient is required to be on a low-salt diet, if at all salt must be in the … Continue reading Lifestyle modification in hypertension 

The Pregnant Dilemma

"I don't understand what kind of person you are, why you won’t cover for your colleague who is pregnant" Chidinma screamed. "Why should I cover for her? Doesn't everyone have their problems, do you know mine? I don't have to tell anyone my problems because it shouldn't affect my work!" Abraham bellowed. There I was, … Continue reading The Pregnant Dilemma