The new show at Medieval TImes in Buena Park. Photographs by Matt Petit for Davis Barber Producitons, Inc.

I love watching movies and series set in medieval times. For some strange reason, it brings something out of me and always has me wishing I lived during that periods (as a free man, of course). TV shows like Game of Thrones, Reign, Spartacus, etc. and movies like Lord of the rings, etc., basically anything that involves riding in carriages/horses and not in cars automatically becomes a must watch for me. Maybe it’s the clothes they wore which were so free; rocking genuine leather, plus the added advantage of men being able to wear high shin leather boots without being called gay.

Maybe it was the way their parties went; so full of life, and the way they danced… you could literally feel real passion on the dance floor. The way they danced then – gliding through the dance floor like their feet never touched it – always gives me an exhilarating feeling every time I watch scenes like those. Or it could have been the way they spoke in old times; the way words were pronounced and strung together will no doubt be every poets/artists dream. “Have care how you speak”, “Venus herself couldn’t hold a candle to the light in your eyes”, “tarry a while, I must have you now” etc. Maybe I love medieval times because even though they didn’t have technology, they were still closer than ever. They had genuine hope and belief that all will be well. The people were in tune with nature, even going as far as training birds to deliver messages to other countries. Which is still awesome, if you think about it!

Photo: Spartacus

Re-watching Spartacus made me realise something (yes the show was awesome). It had blood, action, fights, etc. but it was a story about slavery. Same thing with Django and a lot of other movies like that. Yea I do enjoy watching them, but am I supposed to be enjoying it as much as I should? Who am I supposed to root for? Spartacus and the slaves fighting for their freedom? Or the Romans who are trying to keep what they feel is the right order and peace of things? Or am I just there for the action and the killing which is always done in wonderful slow-mo. What if I had actually lived through that period, would the position I would have been (a freeman or a slave) determine who I would have supported? Because I am extremely opposed to slavery and anything even remotely close to it.

The funny thing about Spartacus is that both parties went to great lengths to prove that their point of view was the right one by doing the only thing they knew how to – by shedding blood.

In truth, the effects of those tragic times of slavery and/or wars are still affecting us till this very day. Some people are still actual slaves, some are being abused, and racism is in truth, a product of what our ancestors did. Because let’s face it, we all know better right now. We have the knowledge and we know the reason for different skin colours. So racism isn’t meant to be an issue in this day and age… but sadly, it still is.

Even the actions and results of the civil war (Biafra v Nigeria) in our own country is still affecting us to this very day. The major problem is discerning whose cause is right. Whose actions, beliefs and heart is actually trying to attain peace… the right kind of peace.

I still love and will continue to enjoy watching movies set in medieval times, while praying for the souls of our ancestors that went through the negative part of the story, and also praying that in the nearest future, we finally attain peace for the sufferings and actions of the past.

On a slightly related note, do you think bloodshed is necessary to attain peace for whatever cause you are fighting for?