​There she was crying in the darkness,

Bounded by chains, drowning in her tears,

In a prison of her own doing,

The repercussions of her damaging actions,

Pale, scared, half-dead, wishing for it all to end.

He rode on his horse to save her,

Fought to break her chains and set her free,

But it was futile for she still couldn’t see,

Her eyes already used to the darkness.

He set his heart on fire to bring light into her life,

She danced out of her bondage with tears of pain turning to those of joy,

While the fire burning his heart left him in excruciating pain,

But she was too happy… too free to notice his agony.

The fire burnt ferociously for her happiness became his fuel,

Bright light and warmth from his heart she bathed in joyously,

Then she noticed the shadows the light from his fire casted,

Shadows she never knew existed for she lived in darkness.

His fuel began chasing the shadows,

Trying to catch them one after the other but to no avail,

No fuel… His fire died out,

His heart, burnt by his own flame,

Leaving him chained to the cold and darkness,

The perfect replacement for the bondage he saved her from.


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