Labels and tage in a supermarket
Homo Sapiens walking out of a store.

Some time ago, I went to the supermarket to get some provisions and to get jam for a friend I lost a bet to. As you would expect, the supermarket had the prices of each product either slapped on it or on the shelf where the products were placed. And this got me thinking, what is the difference between us Homo sapiens and those products?

This life we are living in is just a very big supermarket. A place where you have to be tagged and labelled in order to stand out either positively or negatively. You are either black or white, righteous or a sinner, gay or straight, neat or untidy, dirty or clean, good or bad, hardworking or lazy, brilliant or dull, smart/intelligent or a laggard, beautiful or ugly, a Christian, Muslim, pagan, Buddhist, atheist or Judaist.

Even in every label of religion we have ‘subtags’ like in Christianity for example, we have Catholics, Protestants, Jews, Baptists, etc. and I guess it is the same in other religious sects (maybe except atheism?). From birth, the first thing that happens after coming out of the womb is the art and science of labelling by the doctor, “it is a BOY/GIRL”. A label which defines us and helps our parents chose the one label that will forever follow us for life – our different names. A permanent label which we always remain even after we are long gone from this world.

We are born, and if we don’t go to school we are called “uneducated”, and even if we do, then we become “dropouts” if we do not finish. If we finish, then we get tagged scientists, engineers, teachers, doctors, entertainers, actors, musicians, etc. Even our jobs are a form of tagging.

In our struggle to attain different labels like strong or weak, powerful or timid, rich or poor, happy or sad, man or woman, we forget to realise that the only label that matters, the only label that is common to every single one is that we are all humans.

But the sad thing is that, in a bid to be more than humans, some actually become less than human. Like those labelled terrorists, murderers, criminals, psychopaths, sociopaths, inhumane, racists, ritualists etc. They leave behind the one tag that we are all born with, the one tag that is supposed to unite us all. Instead of the common tag to unite us, it ends up dividing us even more than lesser animals.

You see animals like dogs and cats living peacefully together, but we humans cannot seem to achieve that, and we are supposed to be the intelligent ones right?

In the end, we humans/Homo sapiens are just a series of labels and tags. Nothing more, nothing less.

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