1. Low/ Silent Moans.

Because of how “emasculating” it’s said to be, men aren’t as vocal as women are during sex. For the shy guys, this is even worse. All you’d get are few low moans in your ear or him sounding like he’s breathing out loud when you are giving him love.

2. Melodic Grunts. This is the most common thing guys do when having sex. Deep grunts when in the heat of the moment is him complimenting how enjoyabke the act is.

3. A Weird Noise That Mistakenly “Slips Out” This happens more often that guys will like to admit. While keeping the emotions in, he may sometimes burst out a “smoleshh” or something slightly embarrassing. Most times, it’s best to pretend you didn’t hear anything, but if things go well enough, it will end with both of you laughing, which will only increase the level of pleasure.

4. Awkward Silence. This one is understandably creepy. Yes blah blah blah men might not be expected to be really vocal during sex, but if he’s so weirded out at the prospect of making noise that he’s completely silent? This could probably just make it way harder for you to orgasm.

5. Shouting “oh yeah”, “yes baby” and/or “you like that?” For the guys who love talking during sex, this one is completely normal. It’s more like a way to ginger the act… even though it does come off as annoying sometimes. A gentle reminder that he’s not cheering for his fav football team but having sex with a person, will effectively put a stop to this.

6. Explicit DIRTY talk. There’s dirty talk, and then there’s DIRTY talk. The guy who does the latter is the one who says things even porn sites wouldn’t condone. Depending on the woman, it may make her either cringe or reach orgasm faster.

7. “I’m coming.” Ninety-nine percent of the time, this is said when he’s orgasming. The other one percent is when you’re with a guy who gets off on lying pathologically.

8. Heavy breathing. Another “classic.” He might not yell “oh-my-god”s but you can at least tell he’s into it when his breathing gets really rushed and heavy.

9. Calling your name in gradually increasing pitches. Well, let’s be honest, we all want our partners to call our names during sex. I mean imagine him calling another person’s name. However, some guys get so lost in it, that the inner baby comes out and the names end up as squeals.

10. Speaking in his Native Tongue. When some guys are fully in the zone, they may leave the realms of english language and dive into their local dialects.. And if the sexs is so good, he may even start speaking in another tongue. Like an Igbo guy speaking Hausa, or a Yoruba guy speaking Efik. 

2 thoughts on “10 Sounds You’ll Hear A Guy Make While Having “The S3Xs”

  1. Nice! Quite informative… that last point cracked me up tho! Speaking in another tongue… Yoruba to Efik?! Lmaol! Just too deep for my spirit!
    Cool stuff. Thanks!


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