Photo Credit: André Henrique Matta

A girl whose beauty lies deep within her, but doesn’t have the courage to bring it out. A girl who hides away from society because she can’t fit into the size zero underwear. A girl who goes through mental torture, trying everything possible to make sure she is the right size for the year’s spring collection. A girl who has become accustomed to sleeping in her own tears, her own personal water bed.

A girl who shows her beauty to the world. A girl whose life is filled with colours. Who wears makeup effortlessly, who only wears the clothes that displays her curves and edges. A girl who makes looking beautiful seem so easy. The same girl who has an eating disorder and relies heavily on chemical concoctions to bring out her artificial beauty at the expense of enhancing her natural beauty. A girl who takes no shame in putting various sizes of silicon in her to get the “right” sexiness. A girl who hides her true pain behind various layers of makeup… Who constantly smiles for the camera so effortlessly.

A girl who doesn’t know what she has until it’s gone. A girl who always has everything but still ends up with nothing. Pain, sadness, regret, and madness.

A beautiful girl whose hideousness is portrayed so effortlessly. Her beauty can light up the world yet she chooses to show her ugliness instead. Her body she feels is worth a price and displays the price tag anywhere she goes. A girl who sells pleasure to anyone who can afford it. To either make a living, or because she was abused as a child. All because of that uncle, or that father, or the animals who call themselves human beings and chose to take away her grace and innocence by force or by choice. Now she believes she’s lost something she can never reclaim, so she finds respite in giving people at a price the grace lying within her that she doesn’t even know she has.  She cries in shame and constantly feels disgusted with herself, yet wipes off her tears to sell a bit of her grace when the next customer comes calling.

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