I saw a video, a terrible video that my heart aches and hurts, I have sweaty palms and I am really scared. So a man drives into the bank premises wanting to deposit his money, his hard earned money. He probably has giving up a lot more than necessary to make as much as that sum. He probably stole it, but that is not the story. He drove in, the security personnel closed the gate. Right there in the background of the said video, another car drove by, reversed some moments later and drove into the bank premises.

A well built man probably in his thirties stepped out with a gun (most likely AK) and shot skywards as if paying homage to his ancestors, “your lineage has produced a monster”. As the other delinquents stepped out, shots were fired towards their actually very nice ride. Glass shattering, bullets doing the parabolic rounds, the protagonist of my story valiantly but somewhat foolishly charged towards the source of enemy fire while shooting sporadically to kill the intended enemy.

My eyes twitched, and my guy was on the floor, blood spluttering, and trying hard to breathe, holding on to previous life. My man laid there on the cobbled floor apparently stained with his blood, while his colleagues collected the targeted sum and drove off into the background. My man laid there with so many thoughts flashing through his mind. So many thoughts… My thoughts, my story.

My girlfriend just gave birth to our first child, I was going to name him Chukwugozie Alexander Ebudola. My ailing mother needs money to manage the cancerous cells, who will get it to her now? Will my friends give her my share? Were they even my friends? Could I have lived differently? Did I fulfill destiny? Dear God, will you forgive me? Can you please give me one last chance? I really dont want to die please. Ebuka!!!! Saheed!!!! Apanilayejaye!! Guys please help me, I still can be saved… It is getting dark… Please… Please… Plee…

My tears, his thoughts…

His tears, my thoughts.

– By Samuel Oluwole

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