In this tasking world where there are so many things to do in so little time. From the moment we get up from bed in the morning, the thought of the many activities, work, and goals we have to achieve for that day, no doubt strains the mind. Adding the stress that comes with working long hours to make money required to pay the bills, and ofcourse, traffic (if you are a lagosian). It seems like a tall order keeping the mind sharp always. But trust me, it is possible! And here are a few things that you can do to help keep your mind sharp always.

– This seems like a cliché right now with experts saying “you have to get at least eight hours of sleep every night”. Only for the same experts to say that “the successful ones like the Bill Gates, the Chinua Achebes, the Dangotes usually get just a little under 6 hours of sleep every day”. But I recommend sleeping until your mind has had enough time to properly rejuvenate. If your mind needs more than eight hours of sleep every day, then do it. As long as you are still producing great results with whatever it is you’re doing. Have a strict time frame for when you should be asleep and follow it.


WAKE UP ONCE YOUR ALARM RINGS– For the many snoozers out there, this one will be like a knife to the heart. But it is really helpful. Once your alarm rings and you get up immediately, your mind will be sharp all through the day compared to how it will be if you wake up, snooze your alarm and then sleep back. The more you snooze, the more time it takes for your mind to reach its potential for the day. 
HAVE A LITTLE ‘ME’ TIME – Pick out at least 15 minutes every day and do “absolutely nothing”. Nothing must compromise this state of nothingness, because if you use that time to drink tea, then it becomes a tea break. And this obviously includes you being without your phones or having access to the internet because once you glance through your social accounts, or use it to eat snacks or do something, then it just becomes another normal break which basically doesn’t help.

PLAY GAMES – Nothing keeps the mind sharper than engaging in an activity that keeps the brain and mind working. Board games like scrabble, chess and draught, and even Video games can help to accomplish this. Because having to think of the next step to take/move to make is a great way to train the mind, thus strengthening it.

EAT HEALTHY/EXERCISE REGULARLY– Another cliché but it is true. Eating and stocking up on the necessary vitamins and minerals that keeps the mind working – like the many found in fruits, chocolate drinks and milk. And doing mind and body relaxation therapies  like yoga, meditations and exercises – can fortify and strengthen the body as well as the mind.

You have just 24 hours in a day and most of us spend at least 18 of that time doing mind-straining activities. Especially when you factor in the many problems that Nigeria alone gives. The remaining hours we spend not straining our mind, we are either sleeping or being socially active. But having a healthy mind is a key factor in producing positive results in whatever it is we set out to accomplish. So why not do the things that will keep the mind healthy and active and start now?

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