Tick-tock, goes the clock

Time, they say, waits for no man

But like a groom on the altar awaits his wife

So does woe, those who doth sow strife.


Cluck-cluck, goes the Cock

Another day to wallow, or a new day to work

One man rises where another man falls

Does time and chance really happen to them all?

I say be good; know thy strength and therein be better

For one man’s beef is another man’s gall.


Hung-over Pirates afore-drunken on dancing sea-tides

Bloodshot eyes blinded awake by the Sun’s golden rise

As dawn dawns, greed awakes and evil spawns:

“Come tides, high or low

Let raging waves like billows roll

No matter the cost, no matter the stakes

Treasure and rubies untold shall be mine to take”

But life with noble Sailors plans

That as heaven and earth remain in place

Seed and harvest time shall be never misplaced.


“X” marks the spot of cursed treasure

Yet also life’s stage for Karma’s blessed ambush.

Rotten hearts will fall to sea bottom

When evil’s ripe harvest comes full circle.

Virtue brings life and makes one alive

But greed, seeming to fill, creates insatiable void

And makes one vile.

For where their treasure is, there their bellies lie

Pierced through by noble swords and lust’s intoxicating wine.


Click-clock, goes the Glock

Bullets are loyal and bound to their course

The cards and guns, life’s fingers doth hold

Alas! Karma owes no one, yet keeps all the gold.



7 thoughts on “Karma’s Revenge

  1. okay… i am so so proud of you right now. this is an amazing piece that needs to be digested in bits. so intense. so rich. amazing wordplay and rhythm. this is mind blowing!


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