Over the weekend which was also Children’s day, I volunteered for a “Feed A Child On the Street” charity event organised by Dellaz Foundation. It was really cool, fun, and very fulfilling.

While serving the food which had already been pre-packed to feed the children who wrote down their names with the community head, other children whose parents didn’t write down their names also joined the line, hoping to get something to eat/drink. One of the little kids stood out for me. She was no more than 3 years old and she practically cried all through the serving process because her name had not been called yet. She cried to the exhaustion and started sleeping right there on the spot… while standing! She was leaning on her bro who was patting her head,  consoling her and also bracing her so she wouldn’t fall while sleep-standing.

My heart almost gave out. I calmed her down and told her not to worry, that she’ll get something whether her name was called or not.
Now I don’t know if I should be proud of this or not, but I kept a pack of food for her. Whether another child whose name was called ended up not getting food, at that moment I didn’t care. (Really, it feels wrong, I know. Maybe you’d have found a better way around it. But I couldn’t at that time.. or I didn’t know what to do).

Luckily, all the children on the list got something, so there was extra… The little girl had initially gone off to drink the Chivita Happy Hour another volunteer gave her, so I gave her brother, who was a little older than her, the pack of rice for both of them to share…. Epic mistake!!

After we had shared everything, the little girl came back for the food or something edible to eat and I was wondering what her bro did with the food I gave him.

It was either 1. He finished the food alone, 2. The food wasn’t enough and she was told to come back just in case there’s more, or 3. He wasn’t her brother at all.

No matter how I looked at it, all the situations were bad. If we look at number 1, then he was that hungry to the extent that he didn’t care (or forgot) about his sister. 2 just shows how bad things really are for them, and 3 makes you wonder why he was consoling and petting her earlier when the moment push came to shove, it was every man for himself.

Listen, you may think your reality is bad, you may think things are so bad for you because you don’t have money to show off or get the things you want (and probably need). But believe me when I say that no matter how bad you think your life/reality is, there are a lot of people out there with a much, much worse reality.

This isn’t my first volunteer work, so I know. Every time I go back home after volunteering, I always feel happy, fulfilled and most importantly, GRATEFUL.

Grateful for where I am. Sure i don’t have much compared to other people i know, but I know I’m still better than a lot of people out there. It’s something to be very grateful for. It also opens my eyes to their own reality and makes me want to try harder, do more and be more to help people who are desperately looking for what someone at my current level (which isn’t a lot) has.

You have a roof over your head? You can afford to feed yourself and people close to you? You have clothes to wear? You can achieve all these things whether it hurts your pocket or not? Trust me, your reality is what a lot of people wish they had. So be grateful for that as you try to climb higher and attain the level of comfort in life that you find acceptable.

Forget the ones that are “stunting or the gram and social media” with captions that are making everyone know they’re flexing and making “moves”. The ones who truly have and aren’t scared of losing it don’t need to flaunt anything.

To be honest, the very fact that you can read this with an internet-enabled device is something you should be grateful for. It shows that your reality is better than the children, the adults, and the community in general that I visited on Children’s Day because sadly they wouldn’t be able to read this. Even though I’m grateful to them renewing my sense of gratitude for everything.

What’s your reality? No matter how bad you think it is, know that there are people who are worse off out there and even with their situation, they still find ways to smile, laugh, and play… How much more you who has enough resources to read this post?

Keep working hard, keep pushing yourself to achieve better, and don’t forget to help those less fortunate than you. No matter how small it may seem… Just do it! Trust me, your heart, life, future, the universe and God will smile on you for doing that.

Have a lovely week ahead!