Hangovers can make even the simplest things seem like a nightmare, rarely do people think of the after effect of going on an alcoholic spree. In that moment where we are the life of the party, the worries and possible challenges seem to evaporate, been there, done that. The headache alone that comes with it, can make anyone swear to never let alcohol touch their lips again. We are in an age where we would never believe the existence of a product labelled “hangover cure”, however, there are some natural ways of relieving yourself of this situation.


Never underestimate the power of H2O, the consumption of alcohol depletes the water level in the body. Drinking water helps restore the body’s water content by way of rehydration, it also stimulates the bladder to discharge of impurities. Drinking caffeinated drinks will only lead to faster dehydration.


Bananas help to calm the stomach and boost your energy level. In the process of drinking large amounts of alcohol, the body loses huge amounts of potassium. Eating banana restores the lost potassium in the body, plus there’s the added benefit it being sweet which in itself isn’t bad.


Headaches, sensitivity to light, feeling some type of way with your stomach? Lemons can be of great assistance with this, as lemons help realign the body, by balancing the pH levels, as well as controlling the blood level sugar.


A miracle of nature which has multifunctional uses and reversing the effects of a hangover is one of them. The high potassium content in honey restores lost potassium in the body, also honey contains fructose which neutralises the effect of alcohol in the body.


Rich in vitamins and minerals, eating tomatoes after a hangover helps the body to recover those essential vitamins and minerals. High in natural sugar (fructose) which helps in neutralising the existing alcohol in your system.

The best thing if you don’t want to go down that rabbit hole is to probably avoid alcohol, might sound very difficult but hey, it’s not impossible.


By Ekenimoh Moses