We can all agree that thirty is an age a lot of young adults don’t like looking forward to. Not in terms of wanting to die, but just because 30 – in terms of age – signifies the end of being a youth/young adult ana marks the beginning of being a fully-fledged adult. The reality of not being in the youth category anymore really hits you at 11:59 pm on the eve of your birthday, when in that single moment, your whole life from age 0-29 flashes before your eyes as you kiss youth goodbye. Before you know it, by 12:10 am you’re bringing out the list you made of all the things you had planned to achieve before thirty, just so you can see all the things you can cross off it, e.g. Marriage, cars, houses, career, etc.

Well, asides the personal goals you have planned to achieve before thirty, here are a few things you just have to add to your list and possibly do before turning thirty.

1. Be Among The Working Class

young black man working in construction site

I know you’re probably thinking, “durh!” But you’ll be surprised to know that there are a lot of young men out there who are 29+ and are still chilling at home or roaming about the streets. Not because there are no jobs to do, but because they have rich parents and believe they are already financially stable.
Now for those who are genuinely looking for jobs, keep at it and don’t lose faith. The owner of KFC was well over 30 and still broke till he started his food business. So just keep believing and searching. But for those doing yahoo yahoo, and other illegal things to make money, GET A REAL JOB!!! You can’t be called a real man if you use illegal means to get successful.

2. Try To Live Alone/ Be Independent

Just as important as getting a job to take care of yourself and your future family is living alone (or moving out of your parent’s house). It’s a very important step in transitioning from a boy to a man. Owning a car, or having the latest phones do not make you a man. living alone or moving out does. I mean, you can’t live with your parents forever, right?
Also, the independence and freedom that living alone brings will better prepare you to raise your own family.

3. Write Down and Work Towards Achieving Your Life Goals

After reading this, take a good 15 minutes to think about your life, dreams and everything you want to achieve before you turn thirty. Write them down and begin to work towards achieving them one by one. A life without a goal is like a Ship at sea moving without any direction, it’s bound to get lost, stranded, and alone in the wide, vast sea. I’m sure you wouldn’t want that, right?
A goal gives you clarity and focus. It helps you live the kind of life you desire. Before clocking thirty, every man should have discovered his life purpose and must be working – if not achieved already – towards fulfilling it.

4. Know How To Cook

I can already imagine you saying, “when i have a girl/bae/etc.” and I know you are not the only one. A lot of Nigerian guys do not feel the need to cook. They don’t even consider it a skill worth having.
Trust me, your girl/bae/wife will not always be around. What if she has to travel for a few weeks? what if she’s heavily pregnant? what if you’re a singu pringu? Do you want to live off The Place, KFC, and Iya Basira all through?
Knowing how to cook helps you spend less because you won’t have to eat out all the time.
And this is a secret that you may not know: Women love, love men who know how to cook. they flock around them like ants around caramel. Trust me, i know this! (don’t ask me how.)

5. Learn To Speak & Be Fluent In Other Nigerian Languages

The Nigeria of today has this dark cloud over it in terms of speaking local dialects. To Nigerians, “as long as you can speak English, you will be fine.” Trust me, this is a very shameful statement. Not only can a lot of youths not speak their local dialect, they see no need to even learn it. How can a country with over 250 languages have very few people who are interested in it?
That is why you should not only learn your language, you should also learn another local dialect, and then top if off with a foreign one. As a man (& woman), the wave of opportunities and connections that can come your way just by knowing how to speak other languages are endless. So why not start learning now?

6. Have Responsible Friends

Friendship is important, but having the right friends is even more important. Make a conscious decision to have friends that can inspire you, motivate you and advise you when needed (all in positive manners). Bad friends will only spoil your life just like they did theirs. and at that age, recovering from it may be even harder than expected. Even the bible strongly advises against keeping bad company.

7. Travel

I don’t mean travel out – well you can if you can afford it. I mean travel to another region in Nigeria. If you’ve lived in the west all your life, spend a week of your leave/holiday in the south. Experience new cultures, be a tourist and enjoy the many beautiful things Nigeria has to offer. Trust me, there are so many beautiful things. I personally have been to 9 states so far, and I don’t plan on stopping until I’ve been to at least 20 states. The experiences and memories I have of my time in those places are just beautiful and I will never forget them. There are many resorts, ranches, reserves, history, museums, etc., scattered all over Nigeria. So why not visit as many as possible?