There’s nothing sweeter than seeing one of your own shine, get famous and conquer, especially when the said person achieves such a feat in a foreign land. The likes of Kelechi Iheanacho in Manchester City who currently has the best goal per minute ratio ever in the English Premier League; Kano Nwankwo who is among the Top 30 Legends in Arsenal FC; Chris Aire, who is one of the top Jewellery makers in America and has top clients like Jay Z, Beyonce, Madonna, and other high-class celebs on his payroll; Dr. Okonjo-Iweala who was one of the highest ranked officials in World Bank at some point; Jidenna and Wale, who are among the most popular musicians in America and the world, and the other thousands of Nigerians who have achieved a lot in a foreign land while flying the Green White Green flag of Nigeria.

The “take that! all you people that think Nigerians are slobs, slackers and people who can’t make it” feeling just washes away and we celebrate their triumphs almost as much as we do our independence.

But then, the celebration becomes disgusting when you want to reap where you didn’t sow, or as Mr Eazi put it in leg over, “when Monkey dey work eh, Baboon e just dey chop.” That just seems like a normal day in the lives of “morally corrupt plagiarisers” or famzers here in Nigeria. Anthony Joshua’s victory against Klitschko was not only unprecedented but an eye opener in just how our colonial masters are still advancing, while we keep drowning in stagnation (which to the rest of the world means we are receding).

Before Anthony Joshua left “to the abroad” he tried and tried making it in this country. He wanted to do the patriotic thing by representing Nigeria in the Olympics to become a symbol of hope and success like Samuel Peters in the sports/boxing industry. However, he was turned down by the boxing officials and then went back to the UK to represent Britain. #SpoilerAlert if you didn’t know already, He won Gold in the London 2012 Olympics.

Now fast-forward five years later, AJ defeated Klitschko to become the World Heavyweight champion. And like the Nigerian father who didn’t do nothing for his child while he/she was growing up, but uses a megaphone to tell the world “that’s my son” once the said child becomes successful, Nigerians, senators, and a whole lot of morally corrupt plagiarisers and famzers have now remembered all of a sudden that Anthony Joshua IS a Nigerian.

Give me a fricking break!

There’s even a senator that said: “the best thing for our image is to invite Anthony Joshua to Aso Rock and make him an ambassador… etc.” Please, someone, tell me where the commonsense lies in that statement? Shouldn’t the best course of action be to train other youngsters who want to compete for Nigeria in the next Olympics? Shouldn’t we be providing amenities, facilities, support, and all the necessary things for athletes who would no doubt want to compete and defeat Anthony Joshua in their career? Or start training youths who want to be boxers and have AJ come and maybe speak to them and mentor them? Wouldn’t any one of the above be an even better way to restore our “image”?

Nigerians have the knack for famzing anyone with a 0.01% Nigerian blood in his/her veins once the person becomes successful overseas. Regardless of who he is or what he is. From a nobody to Anthony Joshua, now he has all of a sudden became Anthony Oluwafemi Olaseni Joshua. When nobody cared about his middle names or who he was before now.

When will Nigeria start looking at the big picture and start looking ahead? Famzing people, who really do not want to be famzed? Anthony Joshua IS a British Champion. He fights, bleeds and knocks out opponents for Britain. The revenues gotten from ticket prices and the arenas used will go to Britain (though not every time since they change arenas… but they wouldn’t use a Nigerian arena).

Instead of famzing Anthony Joshua, why not look at him as the “one that got away” and make sure we don’t make the same mistakes again with the next (which I highly doubt when there’s a high chance that the same officials who rejected AJ years ago, are currently still in office, eating suya and looking for ways to steal money). That is a good way to save Nigeria’s “image.”