Hi guysss!


I had a really long week and I’m ecstatic about the weekend. Whooosh

So today, my focus will be on guys. Whoop whoop.

Ideally, they say your socks should match your shoes or trousers but abeg who has that time? Plus that’s like extremely boring. Rme!

Coloured socks for guys are like a breath of fresh air and can be rocked as you like. However, there are some exceptions. For example: when going for serious meetings or a funeral. Those are not for expressing yourself. It’s more like for fitting in. So take note lol

Here are a few tips to keep in the back of your mind:

1. Wear coloured socks for a pop of colour with a more or less boring outfit.


2. Be careful with colours and patterns. Coloured socks are great but there’s a line between pleasant and annoying.

We want that pop but not too much. Dull outfit? Give it a pop of colour and patterns with your socks. Bright outfit? Tone it down with dull but fun socks.

3. There’s no limit to your creativity but ensure your whole outfit is coordinated.


Guys try them out and drop feedbacks.



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