African foods are traditionally interrelated by default. This is why there are different variations of jollof rice like Senegalese jollof rice, Ghanian jollof rice, and Nigerian jollof rice. Today, we are going to highlight the foods that are exclusive to Nigeria and the Nigerian diaspora.

KUNU: Kunu, also called “KununZaki” is consumed throughout Nigeria but can be found mostly in the north. According to Healthfacts.ngKunu, also known as Kunu Zaki, is a non-alcoholic Nigerian beverage made of germinated grain known as millet. This drink is popular in Northern Nigeria and prepared mostly by the Hausa people. The key ingredient used in preparing kunu, millet, is very nutritious and beneficial to human health, thus making kunu a very nutritional drink. Some of the health benefits of kunu include reducing the risks of diabetes, lowers cholesterol, promotes a healthy digestive system, and prevents chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Drink a glass of kunu today. You can find a recipe for kunu here.

MIYAN KUKA: Miyan Kuka, also known as Luru Soup, is connected to the Hausa from northern Nigeria. The soup is made from powdered baobab leaves and dried okra and can be eaten with Tuwo Shinkafa. For how to make Miyan Kuka, visit All Nigerian Recipes

OKPA: Okpa, also called Igbo moimoi, is a very popular meal in the eastern part of Nigeria. It is made from Bambara flour, which is produced by grinding bambara nut. Some of the health benefits include reducing risks of stomach cancer, reduces cholesterol, maintains healthy bones, and prevents kwashiorkor among others. You can get the recipe for making okpa here

ABACHA: Abacha, also known as African salad, is a very popular meal that originates from the eastern part of Nigeria. The main ingredient in abacha is dried cassava and fermented oil bean seeds. You can learn how to make it here.

AGIDI (EKO): Agidi originates from the Yoruba people of Nigeria. It is literally solidified akamu. It is made with corn and wrapped with leaves just like moimoi. It’s a go-to food for those who want to eat healthy as agidi is filled with so many nutrients. The recipe can be found here.

ADALU: Adalu also originates from the Yoruba people. It is basically beans and corn porridge. The health benefits are similar to those gotten from eating eko as they are both made primarily of corn. You can find the recipe to make adalu here.

Are there other foods and drinks that are exclusively Nigerian that you know of? Share with us in the comment section.