You know how anytime you get stuck in traffic, you start thinking of what to do to pass the time. I usually do one of four things; read a book/scroll through Quora, check my social media, listen to music, or play a game. Since my earphones got spoilt and I wasn’t in the book mood, I decided to indulge in one of the habits I haven’t so far this year.

The main reason i hadn’t indulged so far was because the only game on my phone is chess. I can say that I’m good when it comes to playing games, and a quick study if it’s difficult to learn. Well, not to brag but the first time I played scrabble, checkers, and ayo, I performed so well that by the fifth/sixth match I was already defeating my opponent who “was a pro.” Yet for some reason, Chess – in its entirety – always eludes me. I’ve played chess over 30 times now and I haven’t won a single game…. It’s damn frustrating.Anyways, I brought out my phone and decided to go for chess. I was midway through playing! Making advances, and trying to checkmate the AI when a strange yet funny thought came into my head…

Chess is and has always been life itself. A lesson, a teacher, and a quality standard to relate your life to see if you are doing right by you and yours. Chess should be how your life is.

I’ll break it down into two perspectives so that you can fully understand it.

From the Man’s perspective – You are the King, right? Of course, you are. And your major priority is to “protect your queen and hold down the fort while making sure everything is in order” for as long as you live. You are the one who controls and guides the other pieces even though you personally can only move one step at a time. Notice how the queen is right beside you? Because that’s how it’s meant to be… no side hoes, sarewagbas, ashis… Just your Queen!

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On your other side and the queen’s, you have the bishop – ergo, God/Allah/the spiritual entity you believe in. If that force isn’t on your side before you start making your moves, then you know you’re moving in vain. Also, if you have God on your side, and you aren’t using his power to do well on this earth, then you seriously need to check yourself.

Just after the Bishop is the Knight, or the friends/family – as I like to call them. Again, notice how the bishop comes before the knight? So if God isn’t by your side, then your friends and family won’t do you as much good. However, take nothing away from the Knight because your friends and family (the right ones) will always be there for you to help and make sure you turn out okay.

Then you have the Rooks (let’s say maybe social media?), well to me they look like the watchtowers erected in medieval times so that’s what I’m going with. The fences/watchtowers around your house/life that the Knight protects and God watches over. From that vanguard, you can see far and wide into enemy territory to make sure no harm is coming to your queen.Notice how you need to build layers and layers of safety – God, the right family & friends, walls?

And then you have the pawns! To be honest, I don’t like that word because it makes them seem like mere “tools” and nothing more. However, to me, they are children – your children or the next generation. They go out into the wild (which in this case is the board) and try their best to survive until they reach the other end and become rulers themselves. The tricky part is, they can only do/achieve this with your guidance. So never not have time for your kids & always pass on knowledge.

As a King, it’s your duty to make sure you have your eyes on everything and every piece on the board to make sure it (life) turns out alright.

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From The Woman’s Perspective – You are the Queen and a lot of other Kings, Knights, pawns (let’s now call them fuckboys), Rooks (those watching, waiting for your King to literally make a mistake), and Bishops (the ones who are claiming to be spiritual just to get you) will all approach you to either distract you from your King so they can checkmate him, or remove you from the equation totally by “chopping” you. And we all know what happens when the King gets checkmated. All opposing pieces will try to form they care until they “have” you,  and leave you a sorry loser.Instead, be true to your King and keep avoiding those that seek to destroy your kingdom! The most important thing to do is to tell your King what’s going on so he can be in the know and find the best way to protect you.

You also, – and this is important, must contribute in your own way to making sure the kingdom you have both built, thrives! You can see the pressure and many things the King has to do! The many moves he has to make knowing that one wrong move can be detrimental to everything you have worked hard to build, so what kind of Queen are you if you can’t support your king in every way necessary?

Chess is really an awesome game, isn’t it? Now look at the Chess Board, envision the pieces as they align in real life. And before you make the first move, see what part(s) is/are missing from your lives and try to get them in order.By the way, I ended up losing the game. But I took consolation in the fact that I lost better than ever before, which means I am now a step closer to getting my first victory!