I remember seeing you that day,

I watched you laughing as my flesh was torn away in my great tribulation,

my dripping blood and disfigured body brought no sympathy from you,

instead, your hands met each other in joyful applause while your heart lept in drunken jubilations.

I remember the feel of your spit on my face,

so cold, filled with anger, hate and disdain,

all the pain I bore, just to save you and the human race,

if you knew then what you know now, would you have eased my pain?

I traded my golden crown for thorns that endlessly tore at my flesh,

my second and third falls were face-first,

pushing my thorny crown deep into my head, my brain.

Yet, I bore everything for you. my child, I stood the test,

to give you a win, to make sure you don’t die in vain.

Still, your evil thoughts, words, deeds and actions,

they drive me to the cross over and over,

every lie, every sin you commit,

gives the soldiers strength to hit the nails into my hand one more time.

For you, I’ll die over and over again,

to save your soul, I’ll keep going through all this pain,

but have a heart and save me like I saved you.

carry my cross, help one another, save the world just like I have saved you.