Undoubtedly Arsenal’s most successful manager, having won a record six FA Cups, three Premier Leagues, and six Community Shields, Arsene Wenger stands tall as one of the oldest managers in European club football who has delivered results constantly.

Arsene Wenger celebrating doing the double: EPL and FA Cup

The Professor, as he is commonly known, was the pioneer of the well adapted Tiki-Taka/possession football. The tactic he used to win all 15 trophies for Arsenal. A flowing and entertaining tactic the Invincibles team employed in their amazing 49-game unbeaten run. However, it’s no secret that Arsene Wenger has struggled in recent times, with Arsenal failing to win the league in thirteen years, coupled with winning just 4 trophies (Community Shield inclusive) in 10 years, while constantly producing below par performances.

The “specialist in failure” has been getting, even more, stick this season than ever, as regular campaigns for #WengerOut keeps hitting social media and every advertising platform (with fans taking it up a notch by advertising WengerOut with an aeroplane.) While Arsenal fans are not wrong in wanting Arsene Wenger out so that a new person (probably Allegri) can take over and lead the club back to the successful era that Arsenal FC is known for, Wenger resigning from Arsenal may not be the best move right now because of these 3 reasons.

Arsene Wenger celebrating winning the league
  • Arsenal May End Up Doing Worse Than They’re Currently Doing

When the greatest manager in EPL history, Sir Alex Ferguson, retired from Manchester United with celebrations and parades, no one thought of the aftereffect and what it could mean for the team. His absence opened everybody’s eyes to just how “below average” the team really was (though it tells how great Fergie is for using such a team to win trophies year after year). Hate on Wenger all you want, but one thing no one can deny is that his top 4 finishing run season after season is extremely impressive. Even at a time when the average age of the players in the squad was 22, during times when Wenger relied on the likes of Diaby, Squillaci, Silvestre, a seriously underperforming Theo Walcott, Merida, a very young Ramsey, Vela and Wilshere, and Bendtner, the team still kept finishing in fourth position, year in year out.

Arsene Wenger absence can have the same effect Fergie’s did. With only two world-class players currently in Arsenal (Ozil and Sanchez), how will the new Manager hope to use the average players to win anything of note? unless he, of course, clears out the team first.. and that brings us to the second point

  • Restructuring the team can take a while, Are fans willing to wait that long?

Let’s face it, Arsenal fans aren’t “die-hard and patient” like Liverpool fans. When Jurgen Klopp took over a very below average team, the fans understood the problem and have stood by him through thick and thin. Yet Liverpool isn’t anywhere near where one would expect them to be. However, the fans are still patiently hoping and believing.

When Jose Mourinho took over Manchester United and signed world-class players Ibrahimovic and Pogba, coupled with the well-above-average players like Herrera, Rooney, Juan Mata & Eric Bailly, fans expected them to not only charge for the title but win it without breaking too much of a sweat (because at the beginning of the season, the only real fear was Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City), yet United are currently in a tug-of-war match for sixth position on the log with Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger and Arsenal players celebrate winning the FA Cup in 2015

So if a new manager comes in and has to restructure the team. If he has to clear out all the underperforming players and “players unworthy to wear the jersey” and it takes two to three seasons to achieve, are Arsenal fans going to patiently wait and support the team even though they’re not getting the “immediate results”? or will they cry #____Out faster than United fans did #MoyesOut?

  • The Other EPL Teams Aren’t Slacking

Let’s be honest, no one expected a team like Leicester City to win the EPL, nor did anyone expect Manchester City to be struggling at the moment. No one expected bitter rivals Tottenham Hotspurs (that will surely finish above Wenger’s Arsenal for the first time ever this season) to be challenging for the title, nor did anyone expect Liverpool to have this firm a hold in the top 4.

For the star-studded Manchester teams to be seriously struggling to find their feet, it says a lot about just how tough the EPL has become. Even Antonio Conte who is the rave of the moment was initially struggling up until he changed his formation to 3-4-3 and reoriented the team, giving players like Victor Moses and Marcos Alonso a chance to deliver.

Do you think a new manager can come in and change the Arsenal team fast enough to compete with these other teams at the same time challenging for titles and trophies?

There is nothing worse than handing over an average team to a new manager when the fans are expecting world-class results from their world class team.

The best thing for Arsene Wenger to do is to either announce his departure quickly enough so that a new manager can come in and clean things up before the season begins, or He, Wenger, does the laundry himself by getting more quality players before taking a crack at the helm for one more season before departing. This will at least reduce the time it’ll take the new manager to bring out the absolute best in the players and the team and it’ll surely be easier for the new manager (if he’s quality enough) to start getting quick results.

What do you think of this analysis? Do you think it’s right or wrong, or is there anything you feel should be added? please do let us know what you think in the comments below