Hi, beautiful people!

It’s Rrrr on the beat. You know how we do *wink

Today I have decided to talk about something wey dey heavy for mouth.  The reason be say we dey do this thing but we no gree accept say we dey do am especially dem big girls and boys. 


What is Okrika?

It’s a local term used to denote “fairly used items”. It is also know as “bend down select”. Mostly wearables. They usually come in large amounts grouped together called a “bale” mostly from US, UK, China etc.

It’s not in every Okrika case that the items are fairly used. The truth is that some of them contain clothes from clearance sales, cloth factories (clothes with minor damages that do not meet the standard of the country they are to be sold in. Chai Naija done suffer ).

Believe it or not, they contain good quality stuff and even some stuff from designers (don’t ask me how I know. lol).

A major plus to this is the affordability and quality of items you can get.

Some “high class” boutiques actually buy Okrika, clean it up, package it well (some even go as far as getting tags for them) and set them up in air-conditioned boutiques to sell at outrageous prices.


Someone once said “you can get just about anything as Okrika. Be it shoes, bags, dresses, tops and even underwear.” This is actually true.

The problem most people have with it is the “untushness” that accompanies it. People would rather go to a shop or boutique. (Packaging no go kee some people) lol

So I’d like to know what you guys think. What’s your take on this matter? Ask a friend to ask a friend and give us feedback. We’d love to know. Leave your comments in the comment section.

Till next week.

Adios xoxo

2 thoughts on “Okrika : yay or nay?

  1. Hmmm… Babe. True stuff in your post (don’t ask me how I know, Lol!)…
    As much as it’s cool to go to proper boutiques ‘n all. It’s also wise to adjust your wallet when necessary and cut your fashion item according to your size (be it shoe, bag, tshirt etc.) In the end I think what matters is having a good dress/fashion sense and know what you’re looking for. Use that sense to pick the right items, however, checking their state (if fairly used), quality and whatever important factor at play for a desirable outlook…. I’m just saying shaaa oo! Don’t even dare think what I think you’re thinking. Lol! Ok Bye!


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