Movie title – No more baby-mama drama
Starring – mama and baby (insert fussy-eating baby’s name here).
Featuring – zinc, breakfast, water, exercise, meal snacks, food journal and favourite foods.
Written & Directed by – Eniola94
Produced by – Sapid sapiens

Hey guys!
I’m still on this baby matter oh. The good people of Instagram have not ceased to “tension” me with cute baby pictures. Meanwhile, I’m sure you just went “oh no” in your heads. Well, it’s my turn to say oh no! Calm down. This isn’t about baby mama drama (or maybe it is). Lol.
A lot of mums complain about their babies not eating as much as they used to or not eating at all. These complaints usually come with worries and anxiety on the part of the mum. Talk about the love of a mother! Oh, you’re welcome.😊

Before you even think about improving your baby’s appetite, you have to understand what’s affecting his/her appetite in the first place. Poor appetite or lack of appetite can be as a result of a couple of things such as;

1. Whole grains: you might have to review your baby’s diet if he/she starts to get fussy. It could be that your baby is being fed too much whole grains. Whole grains can make your baby’s stomach full for a long time due to its high fibre content. This would definitely reduce your baby’s appetite.

2. Poor digestion: when food is not properly digested or takes a longer period to be digested, it leaves your baby feeling full for much longer and this would definitely mess with your baby’s appetite.

3. Zinc deficiency: Low appetite has been linked to zinc deficiency. zinc is essential for digestion as it produces hydrochloric acid which is required for proper digestion. Therefore, low levels of zinc equals low or no appetite.

4. Growth slump: There are certain periods during growth in babies when they maintain constant growth rate for about 3-4 months. During this period, calorie requirements reduce due to their growth slowing down. This usually leads to reduced appetite.

How do you then improve your baby’s appetite? Follow these top tips and there’ll be no more baby mama drama!

– You should ensure that breakfast is made compulsory in your household. Eating breakfast every morning will boost your baby’s metabolism and increase appetite.

– Increase your baby’s zinc intake. You should feed your baby foods such as seafood (crabs, oysters, shrimps), lean beef, poultry and dairy foods such as yoghurt and cheese. Almond nuts are also rich in zinc. You should, however, consult with your nutritionist on adequate zinc levels and also to confirm if zinc supplements can be introduced.

– Exercise or simply playing outdoors should be encouraged as this would boost appetite. You should try this. It works like magic!

– Give them their favourite foods! You know how you start salivating at the sight or smell of your favourite food? It works the same way with babies! Let them have the satisfaction of eating their favourite food. This would boost metabolism and would kickstart the acceptance of other foods.

– Keep a food journal. How do you identify your baby’s favourite food? Well, I know how. Keep a journal; that’s how. Keep records of every food you feed your baby and also document how they responded to each food. This will help you identify good food days and know what they love to eat. It sounds cumbersome but it’s worth it, trust me.

– Your baby should drink water before ANY meal. This would boost metabolism and improve appetite.

– To improve your baby’s appetite, snacks should be just as good as meals. Feed your baby a sandwich in place of cookies, for example. Basically, replace unhealthy snacks with healthy foods and watch your baby’s appetite skyrocket.

Put down the popcorn and turn on the lights because baby-mama drama is officially over. THE END. Lol.
Please note that when I say baby, I mean children from 7months old and above. Children who are less than 7 months old should be exclusively breastfed.

This is a public service announcement, Tillso listen up! Baby fever will be over by next week so it’s back to other issues (hopefully).

Until next week, be well.