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Hey guys!!

It’s been a while I know and I am deeply sorry once again for just disappearing like I did. No excuses though but trust me when I say something big is cooking!! And I am super excited about even the thought of it!

So many things have happened since I last dropped post. I mean Arsenal lost to Bayern Munich 10-2 on aggregate, our president came back from London even though it doesn’t seem as though he is back yet, Trump lost the battle against the Obama care health bill (I know this doesn’t concern us really), somebody graduated in the year 2000 and went for youth service in 1999 (so lol) and went ahead to drop a hit track coupled with a video that probably has a billion views already. Then lastly, my guy in Ibadan city got more than what he paid for in the “keep the change saga” lol. I have always known Pablos to be smooth guys but

I have always known Pablos to be smooth guys but apparently, this Yoruba Pablo kinda messed up. (at least he apologised). So I guess a whole lot did happen wow!!


But straight on to the business of the day!!

I have been fortunate to pass on a valuable knowledge about a skill that I currently have at my disposal recently and I was glad to do it for free even though I had to acquire it over a long period of time while investing a lot of money. But I gave it out in less than 3 hours.

At first, to be honest, I felt kinda indifferent about it. But with time, I found peace with myself and discovered that what was the right thing for me!

The fulfilling feeling is seeing this person grow daily by using the methods and tactics that I developed and adopted over time. In fact, surprisingly, he is growing at a phenomenal rate that it fills me with joy to have been able to share what I have with him. Watching him grow and being there for him is indeed a great feeling!

What am I trying to say in essence? There is no greater joy than that which we experience when we transform the lives of people both directly or indirectly! It’s a great feeling and I am sure some of you can attest to it. There is no point being selfish with all the knowledge that you possess if you are not trying to create other persons like you. You are enough to make a change but not enough to make a lasting and effective change hence the need to duplicate yourself into as many persons as possible. Because together you become a force to reckon with.

More emphasis on the word, duplicate, though. Have you ever thought to yourself “how awesome it would be to have you work with about 10 other persons that are exactly you?” Someone wth the same level of passion, skill, energy and commitment. It is possible if only you would pass the knowledge about your skill on to others that are willing to go all the way.

Relationships too are important! I can’t stress that enough. Regardless of how we choose to keep them, the most important thing is that it is healthy. You want to seem approachable, even though you are strict, very disciplined, an introvert or whatever. It’s what makes you a people person that keeps an open mind because we have to be very sensitive and alert!

Relationships are always two-way if they are going to be fruitful. So keep your head down and learn even whilst you still trying to teach or mentor people. Loving them genuinely will make it easier for you to pass on your knowledge and be a better leader/team player.


Yes! so today is just about duplication, relationships and love! Act on these and experience inner peace as you climb all the way to the top.



I have 3,800 Naira in my bank account and I want to spoil somebody’s daughter this weekend!!!….who’s in?

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