Okay, no discrimination intended but this is for my sisters, every female out there…the brothers can pitch in too, though.😏

So, we all want to find our Mr…and Miss perfect but the society convinces us no such thing exists, then we settle for less, get heartbroken and wham! We’re back to triangle  1—-searching for love!

The obvious question is; Is Mr perfect truly inexistent? The answer is NO! I like to believe every lady has a checklist, in the books or otherwise (so does every guy, just never in the books 😐) and every time we discuss our checklists, we hear, “You sure would have to get to heaven to find that kinda guy” but verily I say unto you; Stay on earth and you’ll find him…better still, he’ll find you!

We get swayed by societal beliefs and opinions that our perfect guy doesn’t exist but believe me when I say, HE DOES! And that’s why he’s YOUR MR PERFECT! Here’s the mistake we make, we interchange “The Mr perfect ” with “My Mr Perfect,” Now, here’s the difference: 👇🏿

  1. The Mr Perfect has no flaws, simply PERFECT!

(#gangster voice #Y’all who are after him should better start doing some real good works, cuz you ain’t getting into heaven without that, remember? Yeah bruh, heaven is the only place you gonna’ find perfection!

#Nigerian voice # If you reach heaven sef, gbege still dey! How you go choose the Mr perfect, cuz den plenty for there o… Shey na Abraham you go choose abi na Moses? David and Samson nko? I even hear say those ones fine wella. Abi na d overral perfect, Jesus sef dey alright 😁😏

  1. My Mr perfect has his flaws but you’re comfortable with them, maybe even find them interesting but besides his flaws, he’s got everything you ever wanted. #YourChecklist.

That reminds me of “Beauty and the Briefcase” It’s an old nice movie. Y’all shoulda seen it. Remember the part where her Mr perfect was the one who failed the checklist woefully? My dear, dah one na film o. Truth is, if your checklist is indeed what you want, (void of societal prejudice which was the case in the movie which in turn justified her eventual choice) a guy that fails your checklist is definitely not your Mr perfect! You did not just find THE ONE, you just found the one who changed you and made you question everything you ever stood for.

Yeah right! I too was in that kinda relationship once, the only one I’ve ever been in actually… While it lasted, I condoned a lot, bent my rules , awaitbroke my walls just to be his Miss perfect; yet, I convinced myself I was enjoying every bit of it but when it was all over, I was lost! So lost! …I had lost me while finding the Miss perfect he wanted.

Oh-kay! Enough of the emotional story, point is.. DON’T CHANGE YOU FOR ANYONE! Even if you ever have to change, then do it for you!

I came across this:👇🏿

“People don’t build walls to keep love away, they build walls to see the love strong enough to break them”

Solemnly, I say unto thee, break not thy walls, build themwait he whose love is fit enough to break thy walls! 😊