Hello, guys!

It’s Rhoniki and I’m back with an awesome post. *drumroll

Sooo,  harmattan is over. One kind of hellish heat now took over and to make matters worse, our dear PHCN refuses to give us the power to use AC or fan. Sad life tbh!

But something incredible happened: it rained yesterday and it wasn’t the annoying type that just leads to more heat. Yesterday’s rain actually cooled the place down. I was super grateful for it.

So now that the rains have come. Apart from the cool breeze that accompanies it, some people (including me, sadly) do not like the rainy season. Asides the obvious getting wet, the messy environment it leaves behind just doesn’t do it for me.

The season is inevitable. However, we just need to know and get a few things right. Especially if you no get motor. lol.

Umbrellas and raincoats should be owned by default.

1. Waterproof bags and wallets

Ladies almost always carry bags. In the rainy season, it’s advisable to use waterproof bags and wallets to prevent water from messing up the stuff you have in your bag. Also, it helps to prevent water from spoiling your precious LV bag. lol!

2. Waterproof make up

No girl wants makeup smearing all over her face if she gets caught up in the rain for a bit. To prevent this, say yes to waterproof makeup. The only con here is that you have to add extra bucks to purchase them; more expensive but totally worth it. Your makeup would be intact all day, come rain, come shine.

3. Water-friendly shoes/sandals aka rubber sandals

I know what comes to mind is the rubber sandals we used to wear when we were kids. But that’s not what I’m referring to. There are so many tush and pretty ones now. I suggest you grab a pair before they get too pricey.


4. Light easy-to-dry clothes

This is the way forward so that if you do get wet, you’d dry off easily. So chiffon, leggings, tights, kimonos, light dresses are all your friends this season.

However, I do advise you keep a sweater or jacket for when it gets chilly because it sure will.

5. Dark pants

Pants have to be worn. Lol. I mean trousers haha. Rainy season shouldn’t stop you from wearing long pants.

The only thing to change is probably the colour. Stick to dark coloured pants so that if you get stained by mud or dirty water, it won’t leave an obvious mess.

6. Waterproof hair cover

Guys legit have nothing to worry about here. However, ladies with weaves and wigs don’t want to get their hair wet. So to avoid this, use a waterproof hair cover when it starts to rain.

A very popular example is a shower cap. I know a lot of ladies hate this but there are some cute turban looking shower caps available now. Those should help 😉😉


These are a few I can bring to you now.

Please do let me know what you think and if you have any other suggestion, feel free to drop a comment.

Thank you, Xoxo