Good morning o, my people!

So, I woke up this morning to a broadcast message supposedly from a renowned pastor who had seen a Revelation. A revelation that elucidated how close “rapture” is and how the unpalatable, abhorrent, repulsive, horrendous, and hellish hell is. The objective of the write up as I had read it, seemed to be, instilling the fear of hell in Christians and probably non-Christians too, so much that it becomes impulsive to do God’s will and live right.

Somehow, it really got me thinking! Oh, not about hell…who cares. I got thinking about the reason for doing the right thing. Don’t they say, “the intent justifies the act”?

Personally, I think we’re getting it all wrong, I think what should be preached isn’t the HORROR OF HELL… it is that everyone DESIRES to please God, simply for love of him and not for the fear of hell! I most assuredly stand corrected but simply imagine this:

I gave you a birthday gift after I’d told a friend earlier… “Guy, I’m telling you, if I get choice, ah no go buy this gift o! E no easy na, a whole 4k on top wristwatch, for this recession wey we dey so? But then, the babe na Margaret Thatcher! Iffa no give am gift, na die be dat! ”

How would you feel if you found out about this conversation with my friend?

I once read… God gave us two gifts,

  1. The life and death of his son

2. Our lives

….How well we live the life he has given us is our gift back to him.

Don’t you think he’d rather have no gift at all than a gift borne out of fear rather than love? At least, his gifts to us were given out of love.

So, here goes my question to you…

Would you please God if HELL was inexistent?

By Akinniyi Folusho

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