“What will you have today, Young Sir?” the waitress asked while pouring hot coffee into his mug.
“The usual.” He replied, not looking at her but looking instead at the other guy.
The other guy, too, was staring at him intensely. They didn’t know each other, yet the contest had been on for weeks now, ever since he was discharged from the hospital.

He, Fola, could remember craving burger that day and decided to stop at the first diner he saw. Which ended up being this very diner. And since that day, it became a routine; coffee, staring, and the steam from the coffee misting up in the air between them.
Fola felt as though he ought to recognise the man wearing an off-white T-shirt with the inscription “Remember Who you Are” written boldly on it. He had seen the other guy many times before, and now every day. Yet anytime he tried tapping into his memory vault, the results were always the same; migraines and frustration!

The staring match was briefly interrupted by the young couple who entered the restaurant, bringing with them the welcoming smell of rain and wet earth. Briefly dampening the aroma of food and spices in the diner’s air. Fola turned and watched as the other man raised a hand to his head to rub his scar. A move he had seen him do many times for weeks now, with the look of frustration on his face. The look… like a cry for help from a soul constantly screaming his lungs out.

“You know, all you do when you come here is sit and stare at your reflection in your cup of coffee and the window pane,” the waitress said as she set his burger before him.
“Sad, isn’t it?” Fola said forcing a smile, “I lost my memories in an accident. So I keep staring, hoping my reflection triggers something that will open the gateway to that which I have lost”