Writings By Ender

When she entered the room I noticed her eyes eyes first. They were bright blue and held a secret. She smiled at the clerk at the counter. She came every weekend accompanied by two bodyguards but they weren’t the expected sort of guard, rather two tall men, one rather large and the other openly armed with a pistol. The round bodyguard had his t-shirt tucked accentuating his beer-bloated gut. The woman always dressed the same black mermaid dress despite the weather.

The dim, orange light of our brothel did not take away from the brightness of her eyes. They were crystals but the kind people would use to absorb evil energy. The woman’s name was Raquel and she boasted a peculiar appetite of degrading, violating and abusing android women. Government bodies made this practice, as well as brothels, legal when they deemed us androids as merely tools and accessories without…

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