Hi, lovelies!

TGIF!!!  Ugh! It’s so amazing to know that there’s no work for the next two days. *dances awilo*

Last week I started a series: casuals for guys and I majored on the “corporate casual“.

Today I’d move on to the next group which is: ” Super casual”. The name is ridiculous, right? Lol

This isn’t your work go-to. It’s more for informal events and people who really do not feel the need to dress up.

Here are some pieces that make up the super casual look for guys

1. Hats

Hats look pretty cool. The awesome thing is that there’s a wide range to make a pick from fedora hats, baseball cap, basic face cap, a beanie! Basically, whatever that suits you at that moment can be used.

2. Shorts

Shorts are free and easy especially when it’s hot. They allow your legs breathe. You can choose from beach shorts, Jean shorts, just about any fabric you are comfortable in.


And guys, biko, not everything trousers! Sometimes show off ya hot legs. Lol

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3. T-shirts

T-shirts make life so easy. If only we could wear them anywhere.haha.

What I love most about t-shirts is that they could have funny designs on them.

4. Awesome footwear

I really thought and thought of a name to give this. Nothing but “awesome footwear” came to mind. Haha!

Here you can really just freestyle, depending on where you are going to or what you’re wearing.

For example, male slipper or sandals would go better with a Jalamia

6. Jalamia


If you are Nigerian, you’re probably familiar with this. It originates from Northern Nigeria but has been worn by so many people because it’s a stress-free easy go to.

You don’t even have to have underwear on. Lol. Okay no be me dey teach you bad tin.

Alright guys, thanks for taking the time to read the blog today. We at Sapidsapiens say a big thank you.

We love you. Till next Friday.

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