“C’mon, it’s not a big deal! Seriously, you’re just being a prude!” …so I heard my friend say, while he tried convincing me about getting pissed at his frequent use of the f-word. Soon, I found myself questioning my detesting of the f-word, a conviction I had gotten over 10 years ago.

I heard me say to myself “Maybe it’s not that much of a big deal, it’s just my mentality, even some of  my Christian friends say it, they can’t all be decadent, right?… Plus, he’s used to it, I seriously can’t expect him to change himself for my sake when I’m not even his spouse or anything close.”


Yeah, that’s exactly what’s called RATIONALIZATION! The monstrous menace creeping into our society and digging deeper to its core by the second…

In psychology and logic, rationalisation (also known as making excuses) is a defence mechanism in which controversial behaviours or feelings are justified and explained in a seemingly rational or logical manner to avoid the true explanation, and are made consciously tolerable—or even admirable and superior—by plausible means.-Wikipedia.


Okay, so I love hanging out with my friend, Okikiola because he’s fun, a whole lot of fun actually! I cherish his company, but there’s a ‘but’. Our moral values are different!

So, what do I do, I try to convince him to tilt to my side of the board. After a long time of trying and failing, I figured I had two choices:

—Overlook his moral inadequacies and just enjoy the happy moments.

—Stand my moral grounds and lose my dear friend, my “twinnie” as I liked to call him.

I’m sure many would find this very relatable. You know, times when we’re caught between the devil and the deep blue sea, or, the Pharaoh and the red sea (both are terrible situations trust me) and it looks like we’re gonna lose either way.

Well, good things are usually harder to do. So we go for the “easier” of two choices and… RATIONALISE the rest.

So, “what’s wrong with rationalising”, I hear someone ask… Well, here’s what’s wrong:

First, from a spiritual point of view, remember what the Bible says about lukewarm Christians, “Because you are lukewarm, neither hot nor cold, yeah? I will spit you out of my mouth.”


A bit yeah? Well, let’s get practical, look around, what do you see? Everything seems to be normal; no rules, no policies, no crimes because everything that used to bear those names have all been rationalized!

  • Students rationalize cheating with, “I can’t possibly risk failing this course”
  • Lecturers rationalize mal-lecturing – teaching a whole course in one class – saying “You’re in the University now, you read, we can’t give you everything in class”
  • Parents rationalize scolding their children. Before 18, you’d hear “She’s still young, she’d learn.” After 18, you’d hear “He’s a grown man, I can’t keep scolding him about everything.”
  • Administrators rationalize corruption in its many forms.
  • Politicians rationalize embezzlement.
  • What’s more, even preachers rationalize diluting the word of God!

Tell me, what’s left of our world? How much longer before this monster destroys the beauty that once was?

Truth is, it didn’t get this bad in one day, it probably can be repaired in one day but at least we can start, somewhere, anywhere, with you, with me, stand for the truth, choose today who you serve, choose today if you’re summer or winter, Choose to preserve our values!

This sounds cliche but frankly… It begins with you!  🏿


-By Folusho