I heard that it was said
That though weeping stayed all night
Joy would come in the morning
So I waited
Apparently Joy came a little later
And we stayed up all night
We found Love under the sheets
In the secrecy of the dark

I found Pleasure in the soothing warmth of her bosom
A three-way affair you might call it. It was awesome.
I came. Thus, the end of the show
Morning came and so she had to go
I missed her and then the weeping begun
Wait! what?
This isn’t what I heard
It’s all upside down!
Did they lie?
I know we did… Together
Or did I misunderstand them
I guess life decided to choose me
For the fool of the day
I heard again that it was said
That he who goes weeping having sown his seeds
Shall undoubtedly come back bearing in arms his sheaves
So I waited.

This time Joy came in the morning
Bearing Consequence in her arms – a bundle of Joy
I guess they were right this time
Wait! what?!