I remember that night, lying in bed, all covered up

You came to me naked, singing in my ear and then you kissed my skin,

Hickeys and songs, dancing and more hickeys,

Had me turning in bed, saying things I shouldn’t have been saying.

I tried to hold you, but you weren’t having none of that,

You wanted to be in control, but I was not going to allow that,

I finally caught you, made you spill blood for the first and last time.

The stain still on a bedspread I haven’t washed, a perfect memento.


Now I lay in bed with nothing but memories of that night,

Delirious and weak because of you,

You left your mark on me, you attacked my heart,

Left a lot in me and then disappeared.

Weeks after our one-night ‘stand’, your kiss still lingers strongly.

As sweat pours out of my pores because of our sweet embrace,

Feelings of nausea taking over me,

I see sweet berries, but no appetite to have a taste.

After the sweetness of taking you and your blood, I’m left to swallow all this bitterness alone.




This fever takes its toll on my body… even in your absence I feel you so strongly,

Broken by your kiss, losing it in your absence.

Is this revenge for taking your blood?

This fever you’ve left me with, o Mosquito,

Oh how much more I’d have taken from you,

If I had known this was how I was going to feel after.

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