Friyay on the beattttt! I’m so happy because I had a really long week. I hope you are too! 😄

I know I have been biased with my posts, just a little, though! So I have decided to reach out to guys out there by doing a short series on “The guy casuals”. There are 3 classes I’d like to share but today I’d handle just one class. Here goes:

Corporate casual:

The first thing that hits is “huh, corporate casual??!!” It is an oxymoron. The one I’ve come to love. The truth is that fashion is evolving daily and things that were not acceptable before are being embraced! Really cool stuff. So gone (or almost gone) are the days when you had to be boring and dressed fully corporate.

Now, with the new trends, you can switch things up just like that. Oshey baddest (in bobriskys voice). I have a few tips on how to tilt this way:

– Free that tie abeg! Not every time suit and tie, sometimes suit, trouser and shirt. If you really want a tie, try a scarf. Lol yes!

– With corporate casual, I think it’s all about the fit: so look out and get blazers and pants that actually fit. Not tight and uncomfortable but just the perfect fit.

– Switch up the outerwear: it really doesn’t have to be a suit or blazer, it could be a sweater, vest or cardigan.


– Your shoes really matter. Since we’ve kissed the old boring way goodbye, we should ditch basic black shoes. I advise getting shoes of a unique shade or one with intricate details.

I, for one, am a huge fan of Oxford brogues and man boots that I like to call sexy man boots haha.

So guys, try these out and let me know what you think. See you all next with with part 2.


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