Hi guys!

So without wasting much of your time, let me quickly point out to you that I am an Arsenal fan! Even I am still surprised myself that I am, despite all the heartbreaks that I have endured since 2006. Well they say Arsenal fans are fine boys (so based on that I remain a fan till I ……) and maybe that’s why most Arsenal fans are presumably darlings in relationships; I mean it’s so easy to forgive bae and move on, not because we want to but because we just don’t know how to stay angry for so long anymore. It’s a good and sad feeling as well. Oti su mi (iyam tired)

Let me quickly share a story with you lol


So I traveled all the way to Ikorodu from Ikeja just because I wanted to pepper one big head Chelsea Fan (who also is a darling by the way, The Niggress). I had fumbled all sorts before the match  because I was super confident that we were going to beat Chelsea no matter what (I mean the 3-0 first leg victory was my back up).

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I had done arsene wenger (no capital letter in his name simply because he has lost my respect #wengerout!) the favor of selecting the players that were going to start the match so he doesn’t have a headache as regards that. Honestly, it was as though uncle wenger had read my mind perfectly! I mean brother Giroud was on the bench, fine boy Walcott was on the right and the Ox was Andrea Pirlo’ing from the center Wawu! For my mind we were going to win! Oya lets go!! PEPPER DEM!!!!.


And so the match began! And before uncle wenger got to his seat in the stands (serving a suspension he should have gotten used to over the years had he been more rigid with his players) the first goal came in! 1-0 against my beloved arsenal! Even though under clear circumstances the goal shouldn’t have been allowed because there was a clear foul on Hector, but it’s no real excuse as wenger has never really liked his players being physical, and besides we have also benefited from such erroneous decisions in the past. For example, our last minute goal away at Burnley.

The Niggress trolled my team all through and I was just so mad at wenger for giving her the opportunity to do so! At last the first half came to an end and I became quite optimistic again; at least Sanchez will talk some sense into these boys if wenger can’t do so!

Second Half!

I was watching in anger and disgust and then this happened!


At this point, I didn’t feel so much anger and pain anymore; it was an all too familiar feeling, my only regret being having a big expectation and I had forgotten that Watford had defeated us a few days earlier at home. So when Fabregas scored the third goal barely 2 seconds after coming in, I didn’t even care. In fact, I wanted Chelsea to score more like 8 goals or something.


Then giroud scored and I got angry again. Honestly, why even bother? Then my big head Chelsea fan now said that the goal is……. (picture)


I wanted to cry!! It was a terrible day to be an arsenal fan! But still I will despite everything get behind my boys again this weekend and probably get heartbroken again lol.

Next season is another season to pepper them still lol.. I feel so ashamed saying that

John Micheal please pardon me for doing this.