Absolute serenity – The grace of finding perfect silence. The one place where there are no worries, where the wind and the calm seem to take all the pain away. High up in the sky he was, gliding and flying like the birds, he felt powerful, felt like a god. He wasn’t on the same level as the humans anymore, he owned the skies and the peace and quiet that came with it. More, more, more, he cried for it, such sweet serenity, such perfection.

All the answers he had been looking for were right there in the vast sky, oh how he envied the birds for having the ability to fly, how he envied them for keeping all the silence to themselves. A boy who wanted more of the silence, more of the calm, so he flew higher and rose to heights unimaginable. He could feel the heat of the sun far much greater now, but yet the peace and quiet of the sky still made him not give a care.

Higher still he rose, till all the waxes he used to hold the feathers in his wings started melting off because of the fierce heat from the sun. But he didn’t mind, he didn’t care. How many humans will ever have the opportunity to feel the way he is feeling now? How many will ever be able to achieve such greatness, or be in such a place that they have no worries that even the blood that flows through his veins felt still, even his beating heart felt as though it beat just once in an hour?

Still, he rose because he wanted to feel more of the absolute serenity. Till he tried flapping his arms and instead found that he was dropping to the ground at an alarming speed, he was cutting through the very wind like Aries cuts through his enemies, like the way Hephaestus cuts through metal to forge steel.

Icarus. Photocredit: Deviantart

Down and down he went, till the peace and quiet turned to screams, deafening screams, arguments, shouting, misery, people crying out in pain. And then he knew he had almost reached the ground, the earth that the gods built had now become a place of pain, no peace.

The saying or thought of your whole life flashing before your very eyes didn’t apply to him. All he remembered was looking up to the skies as a boy the day his father and the landlord were arguing about rent. While his neighbours were fighting each other, and the same time a woman had her handbag stolen on the street and was shouting for help. How a goat was being stubborn because he was about to be slaughtered.

That moment, he looked at the sky and saw how the birds were flying, so peacefully like they had no care in the world, how they felt untouchable like they were ruling us and that was when he realised that the skies would hold the answers he sought.

The peace he very much craved lay there in the sky and he made a vow that one day he would go there. The same drive and vow made him survive, all he wanted was to achieve the dream even though it killed him.

Just before hitting the hard ground, he smiled to himself, not feeling the need to scream as he was falling to his death. He had felt true peace… had known what it was like to have a life without any trouble whatsoever. And he was glad he got the chance to, albeit a very short one. Yet still, there was no feeling greater than it, no not one, no not one

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