Happy Friday!

It’s a wonderful day today because God made it and Queen Bey is pregnant with twins.. ah, I can’t keep calm haha.

Lol, I actually can or can I?  Hmm

This week, I’m here to talk about bags, bags, bags. It’s a very important and functional part of our dressing. I have listed out 5 types of bags that every lady should have at least one of each. Here goes:

1. Office bag

This is usually a sizeable bag, ranging from a basic medium to an extra large.

office bag
office bag

It usually has enough room to put things that would be handy throughout the day!

2. Cross over bag

crossover bag
crossover bag

This is chic, classy and goes well with just about any outfit. They are portable and can hold the essentials, especially if you don’t have much to keep. Usually, cross over bags are worn for casual occasions.

3. The evening clutch

evening clutch
evening clutch

This is a big deal. It’s classy and dressy. As the name implies, it’s worn for dinners, dinner dates or basically any fancy event that requires you to dress up.

You can get your bags from http://www.munastiic.com/

4. Lady school bag


Some people feel school bags are for primary school and secondary school students. They also feel school bags are usually huge and ugly. I beg to differ. There are really cute lady ones now.


You can take these to class, put your heavy textbook or your laptop in it or can be used even when you’re going swimming (to pack your suit, towels and so on).

5. Multipurpose carrier bag

Every lady needs this, especially if you do not have a car. It’s so not cool to carry a nylon bag about. Instead get a cute and strong carrier bag to put that extra load you need throughout the day.

multipurpose carrier bag
multipurpose carrier bag

These bags are also foldable and can be kept in your main handbag when not in use.

Thank me later, ladies 😉😉

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