Humans (Homo sapiens) are the dominant organisms on land. We rule all the continents, we have conquered and can control all known animals and plants. We are the peak as far as life on Earth is concerned, or so we think.

Humans have many limitations. Our hearing starts depreciating during our 20s, eyesight by 40s. Physical strength depreciates during the 30s – 40s. Women are incapable of naturally bearing children from age 55 onward. As we age, we are more predisposed to diseases, like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, cataracts, arthritis, stroke, cancer and so on.

Don’t you want to be able to read without glasses in your 70s? Don’t you want to have the option to withhold childbirth until you’re completely emotionally and financially ready instead of being hastened by your biological clock? Don’t you want to be 100 years old without back pain or knee pain and using not a single pill for any ailment?

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All these advancements are possibilities and probably inevitable. There is a philosophical and intellectual movement which seeks to overcome our natural limitations, develop superior intelligence, psychological, and physical capabilities through reason and technology, called Transhumanism.


There are humans who are already benefiting from technological advancements, like those who can see with esight eyewear and bionic eye. Those who have arms or legs lost due to accidents or debilitating diseases can have access to bionic body parts like this bionic arm that can be controlled by the mind. The future is here.

However, there are ethics consideration and issues with religion. Some see Transhumanism as a direct opposition to their religious belief, some would be indifferent about it. There is also the possibility of discrimination among bionic humans and non-bionic humans just like racism and tribalism.

In summary, from the blind, deaf, dumb, and other disabled people, to the elderly, from the healthy ones to the people with chronic diseases, humanity have far more to gain than losing in exploring Transhumanism.