Companionship is one of the basic human needs. Consciously or subconsciously, we all seek out companions, people with whom we can bond with, and feel loved by. Also in recent times, we find ourselves engaged in undefined interactions, interactions not strong enough to be called a relationship yet more solid than the usual friendships, some call this a “Situationship”. Sometimes you find yourselves in the talking stage, where you know a whole lot about each other, family background, weird tastes, hobbies, sexual experiences and so on, but you are unsure if you should just be friends or not, or if you could be long-term companions.

One of the most important (and underrated) factors of long-term relationships is communication. However, some people aren’t that open to discussing issues, some don’t know how to discuss their feelings, some only talk and don’t listen, some only listen and don’t reciprocate in talking. If you’re with someone who you can tell everything to, and they also listen and give feedbacks, that is a good sign. It is also important that you’re the person they can tell everything to and you also take the time to listen and understand and give valuable feedback. Everybody should make efforts to improving communication skills as it is the bedrock of all relationships.

Compatibility is another important factor. There are various key aspects of life – finance, career plans, sex, raising a family, religion, and the more compatible you are in these areas, the higher the likelihood that it would yield a long-term relationship. If she is someone that strongly desires to have just one child and always talk about how parents of four children are inconsiderate, while you have dreams of having five children, that is a bad sign. If he has the desire to move to Italy in the future and you also realise that the living in one of the fashion capitals in the world would boost your career, that is a good sign of career compatibility. If she feels she must have orgasms every month and you are only into sex to pleasure yourself, my dear, that is not a good sign.

Deal-breakers. Acts or attributes that cancel out all other good attributes. Some are reasonable, some are obvious, some are based on experience, some are wrongly held assumptions, some are just flat out unreasonable. However, deal breakers are deal breakers, you can tick 99 boxes and one deal-breaker cancels all. Common deal-breakers include being fat, being short, having a deep voice, acting like a sissy. Some people do not have deal-breakers, while others have many. You should find out your partner’s deal-breaker.

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Tolerance, compromise, sacrifice, and forgiveness. These are probably the most important factors for sustaining a relationship over the years. Every relationship will go through ups and downs and it is these qualities that will keep the flag flying. There would always be conflicts of interests in some aspects and if neither of you is willing to compromise or make sacrifices, then that is a terrible sign. Everybody makes mistakes and it is vital to forgive to move forward freely. Forgiveness after a betrayal of trust is one of the most complicated and dicey aspects in relationships and many relationships crumble at the first real deep challenge. Sometimes both parties feel they are the ones wrongly aggrieved and the other partner is the one to apologise. However, if both parties communicate effectively, agree to tolerate some traits, agree to make sacrifices, and forgive wholeheartedly, then that is a sure sign that the relationship would last a long time.