Hello, people!

So apparently nobody claimed my prize last week, I mean nobody even attempted to participate in the first place oops! It’s either you are claiming not to have a story or you just didn’t believe there would be a prize indeed or better still since the prize wasn’t named you just didn’t find enough motivation or zest to type down that long story. You know what? I am shaking my head for you! You denied multitudes from learning and being inspired by your courage.

I knew deep down that nobody would participate (no intention to sound pessimistic, though, because I actually still hoped someone would share something). Hence this post! Lol. I am going to address briefly how we all miss out on opportunities.

A few persons messaged me in person and told me about their “follow dead body enter grave moments” and each time I was like why not put it in the comment section, share your story and compete as well? But no! None of them did and now I will just enjoy my prize alone lol. I would have wished to mention all I got, but there is a reason they didn’t put them down in the comment section by themselves. Though most were MMM and Ultimate cycler issues but now I believe they know better!

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Now back to my reason for this post, we all miss opportunities too often because we have trained our minds to deliberately miss them! I have missed out on so many opportunities myself and each time after realising I feel terrible like as though I cheated myself. The thing is, some people don’t even know that they have missed a lot of opportunities just because they have closed, passworded and forgotten the password to their minds and would not allow themselves to the world of possibilities. Their case can be likened to that of a store with this on the entrance door (pic)



I am not going to use any example of persons who got hold of opportunities while it met them prepared! Okay, I was blessed to have been under the ministration of Pastor Sam Adeyemi yesterday. He said in between his sermon that “success is not by accident, success happens when opportunity meets preparation” how prepared are you to take on opportunities? How alert are you to identify opportunities? The fact is,  opportunities pass us every single day! For most of us that have had a “HA HA” moment, you’d notice that you probably got that idea by just simply noticing something that has always been there really!!

Now, I dropped a post last week and I attached a prize to the post and yet nobody even dared to ask what the prize was let alone try to win it. This is what differentiates the real world shakers from the masses. They spot an opportunity, however small, clumsy or bleak as it might seem and then they take that step of faith to maximise and before we say “Up Nepa” they have hit the gold mine (Note: despite the clear uncertainty they still put in maximum effort ). The sad thing about this is that shallow people that passed on the same opportunity will now open their mouths and say he/she was lucky. Such a pity!

So many things could have been possible for just posting your comment talking about your own story! You could have been able to reach that person who has an interest in what you do, a talented writer could have been born and you might just have been the person dropping a post today just like I am doing, you could have unlocked a missing link by just thinking real deeply about your story and what you should learn from it, and of course you could have won my prize!! Don’t ask me what it is, you just go share your experience in the comment section as its still open lol.

Basically, I just want us to be alert so we can always see opportunities and grab them! I will still drop a post addressing these issue with more content and I will be sharing my personal experiences as well just so you can be able to understand better and relate to it when you read. Because I am equally human like you and not perfect but what makes this perfect is that we both learn from each other together so we can ultimately become better versions of ourselves afterwards!

So with that been said, make sure to drop your own suggestions as regards the post in the comment section and even though I appreciate all those who continually show their appreciation of my posts with kind and encouraging words I still feel you can all go a step further and share with the world how the post has helped you and other things you would love to add. And also share the post with your friends and loved ones, you never know who will genuinely appreciate been encouraged by these words. Thanks

Love you all