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I sincerely apologise for being MIA last week. Forgive me 😭. I’ve missed you guys.

Hmm, so today I have chosen to talk about something we seldom talk about and why we don’t is unknown to me. Some people feel it’s embarrassing or personal; but if we don’t talk about it, how do we exchange ideas and learn? ‘Nough said.

What is an underwear/ undergarment?

Wikipedia defines underwear items of clothing worn beneath outer clothes, usually in direct contact with the skin, although they may comprise more than a single layer. They serve to keep outer garments from being soiled or damaged by bodily excretions, to lessen the friction of outerwear against the skin, to shape the body, and to provide concealment or support for parts of it.

First, I’d like to place emphasis on the BENEATH meaning that it should not be worn over your clothes or should be seen. It should be under the clothes.😐😐

Choosing the right underwear for;

1. Jeans


The Jean material is thick and regular full back panties can be worn without the fear of pant lines.

2.  Gym clothes

When choosing the appropriate underwear for gym clothes, you have to pick out one that is firm, comfortable and breathable. A cotton full back is the best option that would also provide the protection you need while you work out.

Sports braA gym bra should be worn to keep the breasts in place and deter them from wiggling about lol.

3. Tight /fitted dresses

These are clingy and body fitting. You don’t want to pick out an undergarment that would leave lines and show the exact shape of what you’re wearing. The aim is to wear underwear without announcing the fact that you’re wearing one. Lol!

* Singing In Sisquo's voice* babyyy, the thong, thong, thong, thong, thong
* Singing In Sisquo’s voice* babyyy, the thong, thong, thong, thong, thong

So thongs / g-strings are the best panties for this kind of dresses.

For bras, a strapless bra or even a stick on would be perfect. So you won’t have to worry about bra straps and hooks being all over the place.

4. Transparent clothing


Ideally, an underskirt and a vest or a full gown underwear should be worn, but the things wey my eye don take see, omo I no know.


Guys who wear transparent stuff like laces with large holes that will be making us see their singlets and boxers should please stop or get it lined with the appropriate lining. It is not cool. lmao!

It’s offensive to walk around with your underwear sticking out or being totally seen (especially in the corporate world ). Remember no one wants to see your underwear; if they do, they are psychos.

When gravity and your trousers are bestfriends.
When gravity and your trousers are bestfriends.

Run away from them (except it’s your boo) haha

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