Let me start with this proverb “Housefly wey no gree hear word go follow dead body enter grave” and to my people outside Nigeria, I will duly rephrase in common English. “The housefly that proves unnecessarily stubborn will follow the corpse into the grave”. I am sure you are wondering where I am going with this? Well, that makes the two of us!! All I know is that I heard someone say that over the weekend and ever since it’s been ringing in my ears. But can we make this fun yeah? Feel free to drop in the comment section how you have been a victim of this proverb i.e. how you have at some point followed dead body into the grave and guess what?…there’s a prize for whoever tells his/her story best!! Wawu!

Of course, it would be unfair if I don’t share my own story yeah? But careful though because you don’t want me claiming my prize lol.

Two years ago in the month of February, I had opened my internet browser with the intention of downloading an episode from a cartoon series. I think it was “the Avatar Korra” I had fallen in love with the previous series that ended at season 3 “Avatar Aang; the last air bender” okay I am digressing already! So that faithful day I just wanted to download the latest episode and so I searched and searched but to no avail. But while I searched, I came across an interesting advert. After closely examining the advert, I came to the conclusion that it was business and that I could do it even though I was just seeing it for the first time!

So I clicked and had a look and before I could say, Jack Robinson, a lady had begun to call me all the way from Bulgaria (I can’t remember her name now).She must have called me for about a month or so. And so after much thought, I decided to go for it! Oops! Sorry I haven’t mentioned what it was that I saw online. Okay let me let it out lol, it was forex trading and I’m sure you must have heard about it somehow somewhere.


I don’t intend to write a long post today so I will just head straight to my “follow dead body enter grave moment” lol. Now, the required thing expected of me was to do some in-depth research as regards this forex thingy before diving all in but unfortunately I didn’t (or I didn’t do enough) as far as I was concerned then, the thrill was enough to keep me going, the excitement, the thought that I could make a million in a short period of time. Mehn!! I was crazy!! It was a huge risk!! I had no money!! I went to borrow!! Lol. you know you are going to laugh at me already so you can as well start laughing now

So, I started with 200 dollars, the exchange rate was at 199 Naira back then. I was given an account manager and he called me from time to time giving me updates as to how I could become a fierce and monster trader, updating me on the trends of the markets, global events, markets prices, who’s buying, who’s selling!! In my mind, I was feeling fly!! Forex trader toh badt!!.


I started off and to even my manager’s surprise, I was doing superbly well. I remember just a few days after I started trading there was a particular day I took an unthinkable risk and I made 120 dollars off my 200 and something dollars in just about 30 minutes. Lol that day ehn, he called me straight away and was really wondering if I was a normal human being and even though he commended my efforts yet he still warned me against taking such risks in the future with my kind of capital. Me ke? I was going to have it! I was desperate! I had tasted money so I wanted more, I was looking forward to my next 120 dollar moment and to my surprise I was having it, I was winning! It was getting into my head! Friends advised me to slow down! I remember a friend once told me “guy just take out this money before you lose it all” I turned deaf ears and I kept telling myself I am not going to quit just because some people are scared to do what I am doing. If only I had slowed down to actually learn more about forex trading and understand how it really works so that my success could last well enough. (My follow dead body enter grave moment is here already *sad face*)

After 7 weeks my account balance read 2000 dollars and in the 8th week I lost it all and ended up in huge debt. So I ended the year 2015 paying up debt but yet learning vital lessons.


Need I say more?

I ignored the fact that I needed to do more research in order to be successful in the business; I thought the excitement was enough. It is never enough! Be sure! Be well grounded! And continue to learn all through the way to the top!!

Learn from my story! And don’t forget to share your own moment in the comment section (I am in tears fam)

Ps: I am going to resume trading very soon (wipes tears) (smiles)

AND THE WINNER IS???????????????????????