The picture/face that inspired this piece

I see a face in the dark

A form in the shadows

A promise of life from death’s cold room – the grave

A hope that honour will come to those scarred by unseen battles – the brave

And so births this Ode to the darkness


If not for your cape that covers the earth;

how shall we see the stars above us?

If not for your seed in the hearts of men;

how shall we recognize the Stars among us?

If not for your dust in our skin;

how shall we come to know that some are racists?;

that a notion that some lives matter more, exists?

So praised is the darkness

whether in the sky, in the mind… or in the melanin-popping sapiens

For by it we have come to celebrate the light

Whether at creation, at dawn, in our hearts…

or as the Truth that sets us free!

On another note, it may seem like our nation – Nigeria – is in a dark phase right now but lets remain hopeful. Morning will come and our joy will be greater then, having endured the night to see the morn.


Let’s not lose heart. Dawn is at hand. We’re closer than we think we are!

…weeping may endure for a night but Joy comes in the morning