Hi, how are you doing? I know you are probably about to chew my head off because of the topic, but at least hear me out first. The thing is, this has been bugging me for a while. So much so that I had this conversation with a friend, Ayo, and I promised to do a post as a follow up (I hope you are happy now). So here goes nothing!

Knowledge is the greatest evil in the world. By knowledge, I don’t mean the cool things and advancements in science, tech, and good things (although those advancements come at a cost to nature and mother earth), I’m talking about the knowledge of the absence of good. I’m talking about evil and the fact that man knows about and can harness it.


Now to start with, I really don’t think we are born with knowledge. The early years of our life, the toddler and ‘innocent’ years are us living in the garden of Eden until knowledge is taught to us by the ‘snake’, by those who already possess it – our parents, teachers, elders, the society, and our experiences and surroundings. And we become who we are as a result of the decisions we make based on our understanding of the knowledge we have harnessed from that tree – from who and what taught us.

Let’s look at it from three different POVs.

Religious POV

“God knows that if you eat of this tree, you will be like him and have knowledge of good and evil” (Genesis 3:5)

If you read the things leading up to that verse in the Bible, you’ll realise that man didn’t need to eat of that tree to gain the right knowledge. God had already been teaching him, giving him instructions, guidelines, and filling him with knowledge. Man already knew what to and what not to eat and HE NAMED EVERY SINGLE ANIMAL IN THE GARDEN before eating that apple. Isn’t that knowledge?


But the one reason I think God probably didn’t want Man to eat of that tree was because he didn’t want the power of the knowledge of the absence of good – evil –  in man’s hands and mind. I mean, the first thing Adam & Eve realised after eating the fruit was the ‘absence of clothes on their body’.

Neutral POV

Don’t you find it funny how we also scorn the absence of knowledge? How we detest ignorance? *spits dramatically in disgust*. We can’t let it step foot into our homes and lives, we treat it like it’s the plague.

Just hours ago, a young man called out Michelle Obama online for not having any male child. I was so livid! Not because it was the FLOTUS (an awesome woman btw) he was attacking, but because of his level of ignorance in not knowing that it is the man and his sperm, not the woman that actually determines what the sex of the child will be. And the young man was so courageous in displaying his lack of knowledge. God forbid I let my future children be ignorant. Tufiakwa!

You see the kind of things that are born out of man’s ability to harness the absence of good? And this is just with words. But Ignorance is still bliss, though, a fool’s paradise because reality can be seriously sickening (that’s a story for another day).

Moral POV

Albert Einstein said that it is the absence of good is the problem – yes. But why should we use the knowledge of that absence to hurt our fellow man when we should be avoiding it more than we do ignorance?

We have chemical elements that can power the world, etc – Why should we power the world when we can make nuclear weapons?

We have the fire that we can use to cook, etc – Why not use that fire to make a flamethrower?


well, would you look at that?


We have metals that we can use to make handy tools for man and advance technology – pfft! we need guns and bullets up in here!

Doesn’t their conscience let them know that they’re channelling knowledge wrong?

In the beginning, the earth was filled darkness and void i.e. the absence of light (Genesis 1). You see, the ability to tap into that “void and absence” since the beginning has literally done more harm than good. The thing God was trying to avoid.

We vote in world leaders that prefer to gather the world-best scientists and engineers, and devote all the money, taxes, and resources into creating the next best nuclear weapons on the planet to destroy fellow humans as opposed to feeding starving children, creating a cure for viruses, creating vaccines, etc.

Knowledge is fun!

It’s even sadder that the people who are actually trying to help the world are the common people, the Bill gates and Zuckerbergs, while the people in power are all about military might and doing a headcount for the amount of bloodshed that happened during their rule.

What is Knowledge, please? It’s even worse than the vanity the modern-day females revel in. At least their vanity never brought about bloodshed, tears, screams of pain (well except the broken hearts left in their wake). Their vanity is not helping to move the world forward, but neither is it dragging the world back nor using resources in the wrong manner.

At what point will leaders come together to sit down and actually turn and channel everything into helping humanity? Isn’t that what knowledge is actually meant for? Instead of the destruction that we are forcing Mother Nature to endure?

Lol, yea I know this post is long. There is still so much left to say, but I think I’ll let you dwell on this and write a sequel to this post later, depending on the outcome of the year, I guess.

Have a Sapid day. Don’t forget to like, share, and comment!


I’m just gonna leave this here as a food for thought.



2 thoughts on “Knowledge is the Greatest Evil in this World

  1. Wow! so mush truth in this write up…it actually opened up my mind to how i have previously viewed knowledge…Hmmm Knowledge indeed is a dangerous or poisonous Gift..but if ones mind is focused on things that are true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, of virtue and praiseworthy then it will become a priceless and glorious gift…..thanks bro…cheers!


    1. yes fam. that is the thing. it’s just shocking that we all possess and have access to the same knowledge, but for some strange reason, it’s the dark side of knowledge people decide to sow seeds in.

      Liked by 1 person

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